During times of crisis, and in this case a pandemic, we all know the best way to overcome and endure is to come together and find like minded inspiratiod / v , 8ns to help one another get through. Black Octopus wants to give back to its community of creatives, musicians and artists, and have therefor put together another bundle builtj | ! P ! . _ b by its elite artists; Stay InspiredA d R ` Beats. This is the follx v H C ~ Gow up to the_ b / . _ earlier pack “Staz ^ u g ) dy At HI 4 fome Beats”, released earlier in 2020.

Stay Inspired Beats is made by artists, for artists. Built with top shelf premium quality samples, one shots, preseH # }ts, and much more. This will keep you moving along and creating your own artiS s W . Cstic vision while the world heals and becomes o0 F =ne! Artists that helped make this packL R M include: Greg Oerlemans, Dennis Sheppard, Killsam, Jackson Frost, Diamaudix Audio, Everym# L j p 6 ) J O Qan, Veela, Nick Tourbis, & Michael Misch!

This is t$ a + ) m `he definitive sound library for all styles of productions, providing you with inspiration for years to cl x L s M : 1ome, j v Y ;. Enjoy, and we will ma; w Ske it through this TOGETHER as one!

• Over 800 MB of Sounds
• 33 Bass Samples
• 5 Construction Kits
• 137 Drum Shots & Loops
• 129 FX S\ # [ q S |hotsU M O , { E & Loops
• 10 Xfer Serum= ^ r \ w Presets & WavJ 9 e :etables
• 73 Sub Phatty Samples
• 39 Waldorf Samples
• 47 Synth Shots & Loops
• 30 Vocal Samples
• Completely FREE!