Everything you need, directly from one of the world’s most ambitious producers.
If you’re looking for anthemic melodies, big drops and massive energy, you should probably get this producer pack.

From being one of the most streamed artists in all of Poland, to being taken under R3HAB’s wing as his go-to collaborator, Skytech has proven his title and time again as one of the industries most sought after sound creators.

“An extra infusion of character, distinguishing from the multitude of other.” – Dancing Astronaut

In this pack from the producer responsible for hundreds of millions of Spotify streams you’ll get a multi-component download with everything you need to start creating right away.

Exclusively available on 789ten.

Tutorial: In this multi module 3 hour HD video tutorial, Skytech methodically navigates his way through creating a track in his signature big room sound from start to finish. Starting with nothing more than a melody idea he recorded as a voice note on his phone, he creates an entire track around it using the samples and presets that YOU now have full access to in this producer pack. If you’ve ever wanted to make seamless club or festival music like Skytech and R3HAB, look no further than this pack.

Modules include:

– 01 Lead melody
– 02 Drop foundations
– 03 Filling out the drop part 1
– 04 The low end
– 05 Filling out the drop part 2
– 06 Transitioning into the breakdown
– 07 Making a robotic vocal
– 08 The breakdown and build up
– 09 Bassline mastery
– 10 Mastering basics
– 11 Fine tuning the mix
– 12 The icing on the cake

Sample Pack: Coming off numerous high profile records and collaborations with artists like R3HAB, Headhunterz, Bassjackers, and even ZAYN of One Direction, it was finally time for Skytech to share his coveted sounds with you, in an all encompassing Big Room/Electro sample pack. Download the samples used in his tracks that have dominated the stages of Tomorrowland and Ultra to name a few, and have amassed the viewership of hundreds of millions. Get your sound on that level, and learn from the best while you’re at it.

Samples include atmospheres, claps, drum loops, fills, FX, hats, kicks, percs, synths, vox, and more.

Preset Pack: The quintessential BIG Skytech sound at your fingertips. Presets for Serum, Sylenth, Massive, AND Spire. If you’re looking to jumpstart your tracks with brilliant sound design, then this is the preset pack you need; bass, subs, EDM leads, analog style sounds, plucks, and more.

“Nothing like a fat bass in the morning” – Skytech

Bonus Ableton Racks: With an immaculate ear for processing racks and a seasoned knowledge of sound design and FX, this exciting bonus for Ableton comes courtesy of the mind of a master producer. Drop these racks directly into your project for plug and play use of the crisp quality sounds from the track Skytech produced in the tutorial.

Plugins used in the Ableton Racks: Serum, LFO Tool, Massive, Kickstart, Shaperbox, Spire, OTT, Nexus, Valhalla Room, Fab Filter Pro MB, Fab Filter Pro-Q 2, Fab Filter Pro-Q 3, CamelCrusher, Fab Filter Saturn, Sylenth, VPS Avenger, Faturator, Transient Master.
*each rack is different but may use some of the above plugins.

Bonus Ableton Project: The full Ableton project file from the Skytech tutorial. Dissect and follow along!

Some highlights from the tutorial:

– Making a melody from a one shot in sampler
– Inverse sidechain trick with LFO Tool for sub and kick tails
– Glue compression
– EQ automation with the Fab Filter Pro-Q 3
– Using Fab Filter Saturn as a guitar amp to fatten the lead
– Reverb and volume automation between notes to create groove in the drop
– Adding a “nice sandy high end” with bit crusher
– Widening the lead with the Ableton utility effect
– The importance of the order of FX in your rack
– Adding bass “donks” to complement the groove and fill out the drop
– Subtle white noise layers to compliment the lead stack
– Creating fills using sounds from the included sample pack
– Recording a vocal right into your phone and processing it to use as the hook
– Warping the vocal with ableton warp markers
– Build up tricks
– Layering up mid bass and sub
– Dialling the mastering rack

“Destined to be a crowd favourite.” – EDMTunes

“Skytech has been making waves recently with his melodic and yet energetic sound.” – Viralbpm

Host DAW: Ableton Live

Main Plugins Used: Serum, LFO Tool, Massive, Kickstart, Shaperbox, Spire, OTT, Nexus, Valhalla Room, Fab Filter Pro MB, Fab Filter Pro-Q 2, Fab Filter Pro-Q 3, CamelCrusher, Fab Filter Saturn, Sylenth, VPS Avenger, Faturator, Transient Master, RC-20 Retro Color, Diva, Fab Filter Pro-L 2.

Tutorial Run Time: 3hr 04 m

Produced by: SKYTECH

You do not need all of these plug-ins to learn from this tutorial, the value in this tutorial comes from the technique, not the tools.


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