Everything you need, directly from one of the world’s most ambitious producers.
If you’re loo/ ^ l v L Rking for anthemic melodies, big drops and massive energy, you should probably get this pA @ m Aroducer pack.

From being one of the most streamed artists in all of Poland, to being takeV 0 K s r 2 [n under R3HAB’s wing as his go-to collaboratD [ ; & Y Mor, Skytech has proven his title and time again as one of the industrie* 4 h T )s most sought after sound creators.

“An extra infusion of character, di8 a _ – ~ . qstinguishing from the multitude of other.” – Dancing Astronaut

In this pack from the producer responsible for hundreds of milp v 5 ) v a D _ =lions of Spotify strK l *eams you’ll get a multi-component doy I 0 Y 5 \ ! E mwnload with everything you need to s0 H s N u 8 h 9 Xtart creating right away.

ExclusivelyS c C p t available on 789ten.

Tutorial: In this multi module 3 hour HD vj u W ^ A Bideo tutorial, Skytech metho. T q a 9dically navigates his way through creating a` f 4 * @ track in his signature big room sout s r – s } c ) tnd from start to finish. Starting with nothi+ X a d J =ng more than a melody idea he recorded as a voiceN c d note on his phone, he creates an entire track around it using the samples and presets that YOU now have full access to in this producer pack. In 3 x 1 Q { +f you’ve ever wanted to make seamless club or festival music like Skytech aD | 0 &nd R3HAc + dB, look no further than this pack.

M7 u m 9odules include:

– 01 Lead melody
– 02 Drop} D r H | . 5 2 n foundations
– 03 Filling out the drop part 1
– 04 The low end
– 05 Filling out the drop part 2
– 06 TransP 4 T ` gitioning into the breakdH 7 \ d ` 0 r t Xown
– 07 Making a robotic vocal
– 08 The breakdown aD V ` h mnd build up
– 09 Bassline mastery
– 10 Mastering basics
– 11 Fine tuning the mix
– 12 The ici Z m 0 / Y W = Wing on the cQ O K }ake

Sample Pack: Coming off numerous high profile records and collaborations with ar~ P t 7 F 2 / = rtists like R3HAB, Headhunterz, Bassjackers, and even ZAYN of One Direction, it was finally time for Skytech to share his coveted sounds with you, in an all encompassing\ v * = ) ) 4 ) , Big Room/ElH 0 a ~ A & m d 5ectro sample pack. Download the samples used i8 * ( . dn his tracks that have dominated the stages of Tomorrowland and Ultra to name a few, and have amasw ~ Y z ~sed the viewership of hundreds of millions. Get your sP X r E T A | Jound on that level, and learn from the best while you’9 3 q : 0 ! 4 $ 0re at it.

SamI # ; % m U }ples include atmosphere9 7 u O M *s, claps, drum loops, fills, FX, ha@ = p % H | o ?ts, kicks, percs, synths, vox, and more.

Preset Pack: The quintessential BIG Skytech sound# W * P E 6 ; j at your fingertips. PreS ! – % `sets for Serum, Sylenth, Massive, AND Spire. If you’re looking to jumpstart your tracks with brilliant sound design, then this is the preset pack you need;+ S ? . : bass, subs6 w q x f # R, EDM leads, analog^ X w style sounds, plucks, and more.

“Nothing9 – { 0 | like a fat bass in the mox ! o qrning” – Skytech

Bonus Ableton Racks: With an immaculate ear for processing racks and a seasoned knowledge of sound design and FX, this exciting& L z | f bonus for Ablb B J 1 g Meton comes ck N Q yourtesy of the mind of a master producer. Drop these racks directly into. f { ) , your project for plug and play use of th\ w D % x M . \ Se crisp quality sounds from the track Skytech produced in the tutorial.

Plugins used in the Ableton Racks: Serumg d – f, LFO Tool, Massive, Kickstart, Si d 6 J 6 ] Xhapec { k % p ~ ^ arbox, Sp% – Q a g e Q –ire, OTT, Nexus, Valhalla Room, Fab Filter Pro ME s @ r U jB, Fab Filter Pro-Q 2, Fab Filter Pro-Q 3, Cl , + \amelCrusher, Fab Filter Sata # u K Y kurn, Sylenth, VPS Avenger, Faturator, Transient Master.
*each rack i_ \ U 7 g h t ( ns differen+ O \ | f , jt but may use some of the above plugins.. = 9 } H

BU ] z 0onuR f ; T q j Hs Ableton Project: The full Ableton project file frb – 7 9 @om the Skytech tut( 3 R w 9 &orial. Dissect and follow along!

Some highlights from the tutori+ [ Nal:? J u P N X R J

– Making aE 8 \ Z melody from a one shot in sampler
– Inverse sidechain trick with LFO Tool for sub and kick tails
– Glue compression
– EQ automation with the Fab– , o B Filter Pro-Q 3
– Using Fab Filter Saturn as P o 7 0 n \ Ws a guitar amp to fatten( q e b the lead
– Reverb and volume automF A 3 X C W k X 4ation between no6 A p @ A [ g : jtes to( 1 L s n n Z creat3 [ W ! ` Fe groove ix @ , & _ 0n the drop
– Addi8 i D mng a “nice sandy high end” with bit crusher
– Widening the lead with the Ableton utility effect
– Tu o r ? Qhe importance of the orderl 1 N V & h ^ F $ of FX in your rack
– AddingL Q I s X e bass “do& M ! ]nks” toD 5 N _ e cot + m f ( M 4 m mmplement the groove and fill out the drop
– Subtr d Y J 5 : Ile whik k & }te noise layers to compliment the lead stack
– Creating fills using sounds from the included sample pack
– R$ ] & | { 3ecording a vocal right into your phone and processing it to use as the hook
– Warping the vocal with ableton warp markers
– Build up tricks
– Layering up mid bass and sub
– D. . l _ialling the mastering rack

“Destined to be a cr3 ` u ~ c Q ]owd favourite.” – EDMTunes

“SkyI r Itech4 \ Q . e _ p has been making waves rY , , z } J ; @ecently with his melodic and yet energetic sound.” – Viralbpm

Host DAW: Ableton Live

Main Plugins Used: Serum, LFO Tool, Massive, Kickstart, Shaperbox, Spir{ f d h Te, OTT, Nexus,c s m Valhalla Room, Fab Filter Pro MB, Fab Fo V 9 2 j S T Milter Pro-Q 2, Fab Filter Pro-Q 3, CamelCrusher, Fab Filter Saturn, Sylenth, VPS Avenger, Faturator, Transient Master, RC-20 Retro Colord w T u : q (, Diva, Fab Filter Pro-L 2.

Tutor{ y h ` B S bial Run Time: 3hr 04 m

Produced by: SKYTECH

You do not need all of these plug-ins to learn from this tutorial,P h ~ 1 Y S the value in this tutorial comes from the technique, not the tools.