Dune is a wonderful synthesizer that gets overlooked by a lot of people. This installer is intended to make the installation of Dune as simple as possible–and includes a collection of wavetables, presets, arp midi, and skins. The user is not required to input a serial.

Included in the release:
– three skins that I made to be used with smaller display resolutions (such as 1366 x 768).
– 25 wavetables that I created.
– To prevent a “MIDI too long” error, 7 MIDI files were removed from the ArpMIDI library.
– Dune can load polyphonic MIDI files. To demonstrate this feature, I’ve added two collections of MIDI files and two soundbanks that utilize them as sequences. Check them out to see what the synth can do.
– To minimize user-error during the installation, users of Dune can simply use this installer and all the files they need will be placed during the install.

Dune v2.5 is great! So go make some awesome new music with it. Much love! – Army of Ninjas (AoN)


  • User-Selected DLL file (x86 & x64)
  • Soundbank Collection (42 Banks/4283 FXP)
  • Wavetable Collection (350 WT Files)
  • Arp MIDI Collection (9 Pattern Banks)
  • Skin Collection (30 Skins)
  • Manual (English).pdf
  • ReadMe.txt


  • AoN Champagne (Army of Ninjas)
  • AoN Mint (Army of Ninjas)
  • AoN Stone (Army of Ninjas)
  • Default (Synapse Audio)
  • Default Cyan (Synapse Audio)
  • Default DarkGray (Synapse Audio)
  • Default Gray (Synapse Audio)
  • Default Green (Synapse Audio)
  • Default Mint (Synapse Audio)
  • Default Orange (Synapse Audio)
  • Default Red (Synapse Audio)
  • Default Violet (Synapse Audio)
  • Electric Green (Teksonik)
  • Gothic Gold Dark (SatYatunes)
  • Gothic Gold Light (SatYatunes)
  • Grey (Kriminal)
  • Harbor Blue (SatYatunes)
  • Haze (Hoverland)
  • Invincible Plate (Hoverland)
  • Kriminal (Kriminal)
  • Magnitude (SatYatunes)
  • Metal Plate(Hoverland)
  • Nocturn (Carriers)
  • Nord (Kriminal)
  • Plate (Hoverland)
  • Polar (Carriers)
  • Roland (Kriminal)
  • Roland Lite (Kriminal)
  • Sandflower (Flavours of Lime)
  • So Blue (DThree Audio)


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