Allie Crystal’s sample pack is a collaboration between NYC based singer/songwriter Allie Crystal and producer/songwriter Lar4 Y 7 9 I \ o 6 1zz Principato (Dua Lipa “IDGAF”, Halsey “New Americana, XYLO “I Still Wait For You). Allie Cryst\ 4 P u s : }al has a; e b g @ y $ ) kchieved success penning songs and aJ O H L 0s a featured vocalist for EDM artists such asS K O s Z ? Il/ ` ~ . ! p u B 7lenium, Nickh = M f U 6 @y Romero, Gazzo, Rebel, a7 5 K X % e /nd more.| 9 o | I She is the voice behind League Of Legends Star Guardian’s theme song “Burning Bright”. Give youG ] ~ M d m 2 V +r tracks a crystal cleg A D m | tar shine with her vocal taW R d n } o L Z ?lents.

You may not use Allie Crystal’s name, image or likeness without Allie Crystal’s express written permission.