Explore the world of a mystical instrument with centuries of wisdom, age and opiatic tones. Our explorative library unveils the more abstract side of such a beautiful instrument.

Produced by one of Europe’s leading Sitar plq N t V 1ayers means the edge of quality within this sample pack is second to none. 4GB of flawlel ` * ~ f K Y mss, transcendental samples, drafted into folders by bpm and rhythm showcas/ T s G 7 pes this go to library for Sitar FX samples. An abundance of outboard FX was used to take these[ m x ; s Y V 2 sounds into an even more mystical journey than ever before. Thought3 Z ) the Beatles on acid had5 J ^ explored this mediative sound, think again. A couple of minutes previewing these samples and you’ll be lost wiK ; ` ~ D / \ S Mthin the mesmeric world of such a stunnM ] x h w # 3 y jing instrument.

Perfectly suited to most genres incB l f d 9 ) j n `ludingH y ; D * a An s : # ] d v Imbient, Downtb @ m Bempo, Chilled, Electronica, House, Deep House, Progressivi t ! A d ye House, Melodic Techno, Hip Hop, Trap and much more. So when you need something alternative, played by hand and 100% royalty free, ‘Sitar FX’ w: i ` 6 xil} z b T z v \ xl have all your needs covered.


  • Sitar – No Rhythm – 70
  • Sitar – FX 100bpm – 68
  • Sitar – FX 110bpm – 6B s a Q c / 7 A _9
  • Sitar – FX 120bpm – 70