This is FIESTA!
I’ve been working on this since a long time now. This sample pack has been designed considering
all the requisites for making a unique Brazilian Bass track.
Drag and drop the sample( m c = i s ;s and sounds and you’re good t– y %o make your next Brazilian Bass banger!

Sample Pack contains
Brazili| 3 A b | T 9an Bass Presets
Sylenth 1 – 40 Presets (25 Bass,10 Leads, 5 Sub Bass)
Serum – 60 Presets (46 Bass, 10 Leads, 4 Sub Bass)

Brazilian Bass Samples:

130 Brazilian Bass Drum Samples
(Kicks,Claps,Snares,Toms,Cymby b bals,Percs)
36 Bral S ^ q : o / 1 –zilian Bass Fills (16 Long Fi: k q ^ O nlls & 20 Short Fills)
72 F– q 2 \ e t Q oX Samples (AD * L O f u E H !mbience,Downliftd Y b Rers,Uplifters,ImpactL L I o :s,Misc FX,Risers)
50 Loops
60 Synths (Bass Shots, Synth Shots, Bass Loops, Reverse Bass)
8 Project Files
10 MI) p 8 0 3 o c k 3DI Files (Bass + Leads)

All the sounds and samples are 100% Royalty-Free
Xfer SeF B @ F \ c qrum 1.Z X Z285, Sylenth 1 3.0 or higher is required to use the prH V / y 3 L 3 Z Gesets.
FL Studix d 0 io v12.5.1 or higher is required to open the project f7 \ j Wiles.
Plugins like Fabfilter Pro-L2, PSP Vintagewarmer, The Glue, OTT and Camelcrusher are requireN | } | : v + &d
as well for the effects.