Second in the “Zeros & Ones” series, ‘Zeros & Ones 2’ represents the penultimate library for t0 F & Zhose looking to lurk and slink towards suspicious technological enterprise. Intricate analogue synt8 d ( lhs, deep trippy beats, smothered keys, descending aC N . # V Crpeggios, all the elementsC 5 x ~ / K ^ \ are9 C F d ( B 0 ? c here for the perfect dark, ambient mind hack.

This collection was put togethe– k `r with a v8 : east collection of vintage analogue and state of the art digitaa O g 0 , I ^ pl gear. The sonic spaces are wide, evocative and deep, remin9 E # Giscent of Vangelis, Mr Robot, Aphex Twin, Mixmasf { b [ Hter Morris, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, BiospM ` E q ( g n } Jhere,x * ! P , I 6 3 Boards of Ca\ + d $nada, Autechre. Everything is here ready and waiting for your next journey into the deceptive corners of paranoid numbing spaces.

– 10 Con; 3 T ] p gstruction Kits
– 173 WAV Loops
– 173 AIFF Loops
– 10 MIDI Files (Comple= ] D dte Construction Kits)

Bunker 8 has supplied the bedC o B k ~ @ t – z tracks for countless artists, cinematic cues, YouTube backing s6 g Lets, etc. This collection features MIDI files of all Construction Kits broken out into logical master groups for eas} z v F !y access, editing, and inclusion in your own compositions.

All 10 Construction Kits have been carefully edited and sample-accurate s@ I b M ~ 9 Rliced so thatZ , _ each loop is completely seamless and will perform flawlessly on any DAW/development you happen to choosB 3 k { c @e.

Remember, the key to a successful track is to take the elements th+ | r h Z yat work for your own original compositions and tweak/twist/arrange/form them into something originG M {al. The complete arrangements are there in the( a p q j q P u Construction Kits for demonstration puB Q G C % _ ( [r) / c w a +poses only.


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