‘Analogue Leads & Plucks’ by Concept Samples delivers a collection of Lead and Pluck sounds suitable for producers of EDM, Pop, Dance and more.

This collection features a range o6 + S = A { 2 7f sounds recorded using a selection ofn v ; R popu# 9 x } o e i e ,lar analogue synthesisers, such as DSI Prophet 8, Mo_ W x p E v C Jog Sub 37 and more. Inside you will f} & q Z 1 w l y Cind a collection of Leads and Plucks chord s^ [ m s . S oequences, ready to drop into yz ^ , p / T Wou) : M a T 9r DAW.

Designed to be the perfect backbone of your new Pop, EDM, Danc^ P k $ P `e productions, the sounds ar. w S Ye ready to be dropped into your tracks. Sourced primarily from polyphonic outboard gear and recorded using an Apogee Symphony’s discreet signal path, the8 ^ # t B 3 vse loops are gup % m 0 aaranteed to sit tight in your mix.

Produ: 5 P , ! 6 ~ B .ct Details:

– 54 Loops & Samples
– 100% RoyaM v E Q K ? %lty-Free
– 24-Bit/44.1kHz