Prepare to unlock the door to more EDM chord progressions. EDM for Instachord from W. A. Production offers new preset chord options that will take your sound to a wh_ 2 I eole new level.

Whether you are looking to make ragin’r X u l ; E j e ; dubstep, poG x ^ 6 % w \ \werful future bass, or a festival anthem, W. A. Production is giving you morO q ^ t ( f 5e chords to make sure your mix is never mund% = R 4 f L _ @ane.

With this preset pack, you can explore a world of perfect chord unity and endless poP A :ssibilitie| . ` qs.

Its never a dull moment with Instachord, loaded with the right chords and multi] ) ` $ : l \ple w6 ? X ^ Gays to play them you will never hit another creative roadblock again.

Chord options inc4 z Elude MaL y n ) 3 0 x \ xjor, Minor, Diminished, Augmented, and more. All deF [ h N ; K Psigned by professional sound designers with a background in music theory and are fluent in the EDM scene.

Find the perfect chord, every time with Instachord. Make the best EDM progressions with EDM for Instachoa % 7 V { K W j Erd from W. A. Production.

ProdX ; , 4 ) 6 T ( Cuct details:

50 InstaChord Presets
Installation Instructions for both Windows & Mac.