CYBERPACK 2077 Sample Pack (2077 samples) takes you to the futuristic world of cyberpunk. We took inspiration from tf o – !he Cyberpunk 2077’s official soundtrack, Blade Runner 2049, artists like Hyper, Ge{ [ e V b 2 C ) Vsaffelstein, Extra TQ b @ | 4erra and many more to create this masterpiece that will take you straight to the cyberpunk world. We’ve hired producers and sound designe] _ ; @ A Y % I zrs who have been in the cyberpunk music for years to perfectlT e N + l n k fy replicate the feel and vibe of this genre. If you wanna make heavy bangers yourself thisB w Z N _ f pack is a MUST HAVE!


  • CL 5 –YBER B( – T l B \ASSES
  • Gx W [LITCHEk j 8 + r LS

A big part of the cyberpunk genre are super dirty and heavy basslines. Our team has spent countless amounts of time fine-tuning thg y 8 ze details of every single loop so that each one hits as powerfully as possible.

Anal; ; Jog synths are essential for proper cyberpunk music. We’ve m{ d 7 C H D ^ade sure each melody stays0 9 R [ in your memory for hours and helps you tell better stories.

The drum part of this pacR ; Nk has been designed with a clean mix in mind and more room to show off when it comes to creating u[ H dnique drum looy * 7 [ Ups. This sample pack incla ? ? / 4 0 D V judes separate kick aP f bnd snare loops (which we’ve picked so they fit together perfectly) and separate top loops. This maneuver allows you to match drums to create ideal loops that will fit best in your tracks. Thanks to this option you are not limited by premadeV Z v ` B s [ loops that you canno3 C Lt edit.d ( B You can view more on ! V EEach sample easily cuts through the mix thanks to its punchy trah G + B d w A p Fnsients and rich harmonic content.

To create epic, cinematic, breath-taking so! @ oundu 5 u o esca \ Xapes our team has analyzed an insane amouns R xt of classic soundtracks, starting fro` j Y D ) \ xm Hans Zimmer himself and ending at Marcin Przybyowicz (original Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack).

Use glitches to fill the gaps and give that cyber twist to your song. Glitches are great elY p P T [ 3 R M 3ements to add eV d T E 9 V ;xtra layers to your soundsJ n { J o2 s 6 A E K 9r even use then b C V j z @m as a main bass in the drop.

Sound effa @ Vects[ H ? z i y M will mai A Oke your track flow perfectly. They are the perfect elements to add tension, make transitions and creat4 ! Ve hard-hitting sections.

Vocals are a great addition in cyberpunk genre. They aU : ? , –dd character and human feel to the song.

In CYBERPACK 2077 we’vF H 4 e S ;e also included some MIDI files for you to kickstart your new song.