Over the last year STRANJAH has made a mark on the Drum and Bass music scene through his YouTube music production videos often paired withs Q a 5 | # y w quirky intros, which has quickly catapulted his brand. From providing classes to DJ Tech Tools, partners| r n v . ghips with ADSR, DistroKid, Skillshare, Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique, Stranjah has cemented his nameH 4 \ in an oft! C P p L $ Cen competitive landscape.

For many STRANJAH may be a new name, however, digging deeper uncovers relea; @ f f R h cses since the early 2000’s on prestige labels such as Metalheadz, Hospital, 31r K T j T r v Records and Critical Music to name a few. He is also the founder of Toronto-based label Deviant Audio. S\ e z M ^o there is no question about his~ 7 d [ V ( @ t G position or authorL ! M fity in the ss b 0 A ] \cene.

Aftern E * F | ? } a year of intensive study on the latest Drum and Bass sL r 9 / k W Counds, he proudly presents h! ! $ P g Iis first Serum Prest A \ l : K (et Pack entitJ E ?lek b Fd Gnarly Volume 1. Over 150 presets with fully customizable macrosJ O G ^ % O B Q, the pack allows the user to leverage his 25 years of sound* V w 2 | – p Z design expertise to/ ] | take one’s own music to new levels. Audio WAV formats are available for non-Serz l Z ; $ C C 3um users.

Gnarly is a choice pack for anyone requiring growling bass sounds, monumental foghorns, gritty reeses, jungle 808’s, jump up womps, wobbles and screechd 2 [ y M Y m O @ leads. This isn Z y R { n aimed at anyone who wants upfront sounds in Drum & Bass, Jungle, Bassline, UK Bass and even Electro/EDM.