After hundreds if not thousands of requests from you guys we got back in the studio with Seth Hills. Now sitting among the visionaries in House music, Seth has impacted the industry in more ways than one. His fib – U Y V y s O Wrs4 $ % Z (t producer pack became a corm @ ? Tnerstone of the 789ten platform, helping to define the quality and exclusiv[ c w ? +ity that we are known for] ^ ? E 2 L , worldw? U + vide today.

Seth soars to new hu H \ X G i S } .eights in V.2, with an even higher level of prodW P , 6uction and even more premium sou6 R { N Bnds. H2 I } S D uis goal was to inspire you to take what he has started6 ( T 6 and define your own innovative sound. Comin( m Y 1 k Jg off the recent success of his VOID EP on the legendarm Q A = 3 6 My STMPD label, his unique combination of bass house and electro has made this one of the most in demaw z 5nd producer packs of the year.\ P w $ 3

In V.2 you4 e N r , ) w ]’re getting everf G b / | r 1 sything you asked for, and so much more.

Tutorial: This tutorial focuses onb y j g Q S C thef } | 6 l – – H heart and soul of any dancO k C @ v ^ r F we track; The Drop. In a nine-chapter course, Seth walks you through his creative procesH $ H Q S M C X Zs for making a drop using samples and Serume B B J @ Y S / presets solely from this producer pack. Here you will witness a0 b I Q wizard iJ n % @ W R j 9 Cn the studio using meticulous techniques honed over years of experience.

Covering everything drop-related, armedt 7 $ with the sounds that you will downlA c ooad in this pack, Seth shows you how toY : D = 5 ! get it done.a L n s S O –

Sample Pack: Seth levelled up, offering not only the essentials but the specialty sounds from his p} 6 g v Brivate colleL A K L $ ^ction. GivH ; H Re your productions that essentF o xial flavour to buildq – C C ^ { 9 R a soundscape that instantly immerses the listener.

Includes bass shots, buildups, claps, fills, FX, hats, kicks, leax f v 9 $ 7 1ds/so a M =ynths, percuY U { , x x X ossion, snares, top loops, vocals, “weird stuff”, and more.

Serum Pack: Boasting 50 signature presets, this Serum library/ , F 8 1 h A # is as fresh as fresh gets. Gear up with leadc $ p x Bs, bass, percs, reese’s, and 808’s from this nk C tatural born studio ki: – { r Jller.

Projecth j 6 k c File: It’s no secret that SeZ u ~ X + b 3th Hills is a natural not only on stage, but also in studi* 9 ; b c ) * no, where he wields endless effort into preparing spicy new productions. Get instant access to the inner workings of Seth’s mind in tE @ , ! ( 5 \his hands-on approach to learning. Use the Logic project file from t} ! Phe track he made in th: \ W 7 5 \ R ~e tutorial to fostm ` | ( J \ 5er inspiration and apply the methods and sound selection to your own tracks.

The moment you’v: ! z }e all been waiting for is here.
1. Multi Chapter Tutorial
2. Sample Pack
3. Serum Pack
4. Bonus: Project File

TutoriaB Y C | d ( ol highlights:

– SoundB 0 n st ) Q s G K 8 ` Telection
– Creating Seth’s signat/ $ 4 J O = _ iure baseline styF Y % ! H lle, and addi– b # % t 5ng groove by adjusting Serum envelopes{ V _ Z J A !
– Bass/kick EQ
– Reverb automation to fill the gaps between notes and kicks
– Adding and layering supplemental one shoX J ` p pts and adjusting them as needeM A E ] m Td for the right sonic balance
– In-depth automation and reversal tricks for drop momentum
– AddingM + I q , 9 “crazU N Q yy and weird stuff” to make a track truly unique
– Usi5 c _ng formant sq v f H %hift a[ V I Xutomation in^ h J 1 Little AlterBoy to put vocal one shots in td a B C zhe right pocket and achieve “a weird effect in a good way”
– Dialing in distortion on the lead bass
– Demonstrating the difference between using Fab Filt| [ N M H Ter Saturn versus an equ} $ I E k O n xalizer to get the desired frequency boost
– The art of micro fills
– Creating fills from the presets you wM + Q 6 x 8ill get in this pack
– Stacking up synths and EQing by ear
– Signature Seth Hills build up tricks
– In-depth mixing and mastering demonstration
– The endless inspiration you’lli a ( $ get t% ! 2 , 9o make you jump right into your own productions!

Host DAW: Logic Pro X

Main Plugins Used: Xfer Serum, Sound Toys LN ) K 0 j S * ` #itte Alter Boy, Arts Acoustic Reverb, Nicky Romero Kickstart, XLN Audio RC-20,] = B F Fab filteo _ E M T M w Nr Saturn, Xfer Dimension expander (frex L oe), XfH \ t \ H uer OTT (Free), Waves C4, Camel audio camel crusher, Sample Magic Magic A/B, Fab filter prM 5 Z H w Ko Q2, Valhalla Room, Waves SSL G Series bus c: / 8ompressor, Izotope Ozone 4, Izb { m ;otope Ozone 7 imager, Fabfilter Simplon.

Tutorial Runtime: 2 hr 49 mi^ Q b Pn 33 se$ $ : i 9 D sc

All samples and presets are 100% royalty freu C S n K M K B He and can be used in commercial productions.