W. A. Production is bringing the bass with What about: Electro Stampede. Get ready to experix X x , !ence a massive array of the finest Electro sounds to date. O4 L f 3 g Hur samples are guaranteed to sound amazing) ) / wheth2 h \er you are at home, in the car, at the club, or any live situation.

Inspired by such artists as Knife Party, Dropgun, Dyro, TV Noise, DubVision (and more) you will get everything you need from not multiple packs, one pack is all you need to create astounding Electro. All of the sounds in this pack have been designed to work in perfe[ I v f _ ? u Z (ct harmony with each other. Don’t like a certain sound No problem, change it out with any of the sez [ S kveral included options.

Included in the pack are 5 Construction Kits. Construction Kits are perfect for expanding~ – ( X i ) _ c creativity, for those1 a t ; who need to create a mix, like yesterday, and those whJ 6 h 3 H d o io need to know how to make EDM.

We are givin@ ! fg you synth plucks, arps, shorts and with sustain, bass stabs and strums, kicks that thump, pumpD 1 ^ u Q | R ) Z, boom, and shake the ground beneath your feet. FX that rise, fall, snap, crackle and pop. Melody loops that groove, twist, turn, bounce, uplift, enC ! J Btice, allure, and inspire. And of course, all of ourk v K D d : v R _ audio sample7 E o c g x ( Zs are professional quality to give you a professional sound for whether you aW J 6re submitting to a label, influee o Znc! Y M 0 W : Eer, playli% o Sst or selling as a digital download.

What about: Electro Stampede from W. A. Prodl t juction is your oneu K 5 p O G %-stop-pack for all of your electro drew a jams and digital needs.

Product details:

5 Construction Kits (+ MIDI & Presets)
25 Presets for Serum
25 Presets for Sylenth1
45 Melody Loops (+ MIDI)
50 Synth Shots
30 Percussion Lo| t f & ~ (ops
15 Kicks
10 Claps
9 Percussion
15 Cyf Z 4mbals
23 FX
100% Royalty-Free