Professional quality and superior sounds. That is what you’ll get with Future House Voodoo from Big EDM. Create stellar future house tracks that will delight the senses and gather a crowd. We are putting the future house sound in your hands with the hottest sounding audio samples and constructi9 d J _ b Y (on kits made specificalD C 2ly for future house.

What are ConsL , % O . atruction Kits

These kits@ F a B are similar to a remix pack. We are giving you 5 comp9 ? { x kleted tracks that have the instrument and drum tracks separated. You can slice them, rearrange them, add in what you want and toss out what you don’tu z f d f C ,. It’s easy. Simply import the st` K / O Y z +ems into your DAW. We’ve labeled everything so no need to have to figure out what the BPM is or what Key i0 x 7 – 1 # !t is in.

To make it evex o e q O k w B *n more customizac f (ble we have included a full library of additional sounds. This includes sharp syh 8 % P e :nth shots, big and powerful pianos, awesome saws with plenty of attack, spacey arpeggios, machine-gun fire snare rolls, one-shots of a variety of kicks, snaps, claps, and cymbals. Extra melody loops and| F Z f : Q V strong bass lines that are ready to be\ ) b K J m W [ t layered for that signature Future House sound.

If you want real a. r ! Y c n 0udio samples that you can use in your tracks to submit to a label, shake the speakers at the club, or stream online, look no further. Pick up Future House Voodoo from Big EDM.

Inspired by such arti\ + # [ 6 X J ] (sts as Don Diablo, Tchami, Hardwell, Malaa and mH h / = \ zore.

Pack Cb A s Oontents:^ – B n S

5 Construction Kits (+ MIDI & Presets)
20 Serum Presets
10 Massive Presets
20 Spire Presets
30 Melody Loops (+ MIDI)
60 Drum Loops
25 Drum Shots and One Hits (Cymbals, Kicks, Claps, Snares)
15 FX
20 Syntv . / ; P g \ F wh Shots
100% Royalty Free

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