If you love artists such as Joyryde, Ghastly, and Moksi, check out Bass House District from W. A. Production.

Bass HouV A j K Y j Sse, like a perfectly mixed drink consisting of all the right rhythmic and bass elemk o a G B Nents of house musi6 2 = M V – 0c anp t X E 1 r C hd just the right amount of modern-day dubstep sounds. Nof s J Z i e ` a s need to purchase multiple packs to get all the sounds you need to make strong bass house, we’ve included everything you nen a ; ? * $ x Med into one sole Q U ^ L ~ / ] Eid collection.

We know you are going to love this pack once you dive in and begin creating with these amazing melody loops, drum loops, one-shot drum and synth sounds, as wel! 2 l 1 k M : ` kl as our custom Bass House presets for Serum, Spire, and Sylenth1.

Included in tF \ d , . =his sample pack are a variation of different instrum* Y e * Oent sounds and playing type. For instance with our hi-hat samples you will hav4 J s + i 4e open and closed hi-hats[ 5 l K, acoustic kit el( S ] 5 5ements such as a hY j Ki-hat hit when brushed, when operated by the foot pe{ } $ ydal, and the tap of the hi-hat stand. All are crisp, perfectly EQ’d and rendered to the best qualia ) 2 Q E ) 1ty.

How abouu & t : W #t snare sounds We have in. 9 B u c n Lcluded electro snares, acoustic snares that snap, pop, and thud, layered punchy snap snare7 4 h zs and more. Our drum lov . ) J } E + b =ops offer the best patterns to showcase the diversity of the kind of kits that you can build from the sounds in this pae % E 5 H t n N ock.

For your drop, we have included some seriously intense effects for your build/riser, the explosive drop, and of coursg A _ z ? Ee down lifters that are like watching, waiting for the smoke to clear to see: h k what will arise from the ashes.

How about some dub-if , I S 9 f p b Znfluenced dirty bass wubs or a melo= $ S a k V cdr \ $ t f ^ + } ^y with vocal phrasing From start to finishy S k ), we have everything you need to c5 0 E H ] % Freate th+ ; Z n c . K ]e ultimate bassE J O v 9 N { house tracks. All the right samples that will make your bass house mix sound better than the rest are right here inside Bass House Distrij Z w – 9 h & Xct from W. A. Production.

This pack contX ] 6 L d jains the following:

53 Melo7 L A 5 s K K n Rdy Loops (+ MIDI)
50 Synth Shots
11 Presets for Serum
43 Presets for7 n t ` { ^ Spire
25 Presets for Sylenth1
27 Dr[ Q M F q 5 | c wum Loops
20 Claps and Snares
20 Cymbals
20 FX
10 Kicks
100% Royalty-Free