Loopmasters present Mainroom Bliss – a peak-time collection of savage synthesized melodies, epic arpeggios and the biggest beats, straight from the Beatman & Ludmilla s2 i = R u J 3tudio and reaD ( I )dy to set the dancefloor on fire!. Everything included is fully locked and l_ J C s * toaded for immediate playback in your? t 5 daw, and 100% royalty-free to use in your productions.

Breakbeat duo Beatman and Ludmilla could well be Hungary’s biggest export, amassi6 d T ^ \ i R d `ng countless az R $wards off the back of their tracks, remixes and extensD $ _ B +ive live performances. With long-time support f: E – A ! W A ;rom industry legend Paud 0 [ G X ~ G {l OakeO ( } s cnfold, Beatman and Ludmilla have scu f * – * 2 –ored no less than 10 Number 1’s on the Beatport Breakbeat chart, as w? i m z O R z = Iell as winning ‘Best Track of the YeN G L Z L n par’ at Breakspoll 2012; with ‘Best Remix of the Year’ and ‘Best Label of the Year’ and following a yearG F ; } lateG E 3r.

Mainroom Bliss comes with over 1.7GB of content featuring loops, one hits,n $ b MIDI and sampler patches to hei0 8 *ghten your senses and raise the energy of your mix. You’ll find their hybrid souj B 4 4 C P m C fnd delivering stunr 7 ^ i p D 2ning synth arpeggios, simmering pads, chunky ba– M – ) L – m Ksslines and hi-octane synths for a full bandwidth of key-labl 7 & Uelled melodies. The accom4 K 0panying drums are bold and driving, with syncopateK f 5 @ * K F V Yd tops and dynamic percussive rhythms tox I ~ T get the back beats rolling.

If you’re into artists Eric Prydz, Solarstone, Luke Chable, Way O= x y { n & 9 1 lut West, Wolfgang Gartner -thisX – | ) ( : 0 1 – pack is just for you! Over 35q H – | b0 one shot samples are included wii * v A 6 = S l _th drums, synths, bas# r \ # @ L 4 jses and fx to sequence and trigger in your daw – perfectly laids g y f h out in our pre-formatted sampler patches! Get instant harmonic inspiration from their superb MIDI loops, included to control your VSTs and develop the riffs in your own unique way.

At tempos from 127 to 138, Mainroom Bliss is ideal for EDM, Breakbeat, Electr@ J : n 0 \o House, Techno, Psy Trance, Progressive Trance and other genrz ~ 3es!

In detail expect to fin^ | vd 1.79 GB of conteY , `nt with 760 individx U Y s Y {ua~ Z 5 | k v u L Gl 24 Bit Wav files. 356 Loops are included with 71 Bass Loops, 59 Arp Loops, 55 Top Loops, 49 Full D2 + } ; Hrum Loops, 40 Synth Loo^ \ ` j F Jps, 32 Kick Snare Loops, 21 Fx Loops, 16 Pad Loops, 7 Kick Loops and 6 Ps } 7erc Loops, 404 One Hits are included with 102 Drum Hits, 53 Fx, 45 Synth Hits, 42 Bass Hits, 7 B` ? 9ass Multis and 7 Synth Multis, 31 o I o93 Rex Loops, 40 Midi files and 114 Sampler Pa# f o 1 & `tches are included for NNXT, Halion, EXS24a q %, SFZ and Kontakt.

Mainro: ! U I F 3 J r +om Bh ` P #liss is a harmonic journey through the electronic cosmos – ideal for producers needing b[ \ } Xig beats and more melody!

1.79 GB
24Bit 44.1KHZ
71 Bass Loops
59 Arp Loops
55 Top Loops
49 Full Drum Loops
40 Synth Loops
32 Kick Snare Loops
21 Fx Loops
16 Pad Loops
7 Kick LL { 0 c }oops
6 Perc Loops
102 Drum= { v P Hits
53 Fx
45 Synth Hits
42 Bass Hits
7 Bass Multis* 7 L Z
7 Synth Multis
393 Rex2 Files
114 Soft Sampler Patches
10 Kong
40 Midi Files

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