Dark Silence: Festival Season For Serum’ contains 64 high quality presets for Serum with macro controls assigned. Featuring 64 powerful basses, bass leads, so ] S Zynths, leads, pads, plucks, FX and sequencw – 0 x Zes to get you making music for the big stages, right away.

Festival season is upon us and you need to be armed and ready. This is the first ‘Producer Series’ soundbank dy D b 5 / ? , Hedicated to Xfer Seri o ^ V R m : 6 uum. This soundbank features some of the most advanced presets ever created by the label toK v X q Z c & y 8 date.

The presets in this pack go deep into the poN W Y gwers and synthesis of Sz q I r .erum.j 8 i This bank is packed with all the sounds you need to get your tracks festival-ready. All presets feature a multitude6 r ] R k 4 X of macro FX, a tonne of modulation and warping of the sound ut U :sing the powerful macro system.

This soundbank for Serum is for the producer looking to elevate their game in thei1 6 z o p H f \ ir productions. This is the one you have been looking for to create your next festival banger.

Please Note:

The presets in this pack will only work with Serum3 M $ version 1.y a |0 and above.

► Additionalg Y \ M 4 * _ _ N Free Packs Included:Z x } W B – s M

  • ‘Dark S@ l 2 _ d 7 f Xilence Percussion’ Vol 1 + Vol 2
  • ‘Dark Silence Fills’ Vol 1 + Vol 2
  • ‘Dark SL N b c Z / *ilence Custom Snares’ Vol 1 + Vl g j {ol 2
  • ‘Dar` K Sk Silence FX’ Vol 1
  • ‘Dark Silence Serum Holi8 v 0 e I ? % w |day’ Pack
  • ‘DH G I wark Silence Festival Kicks’ Demo Pack

► 64 Serum Presetq f Z I o g $s in Total:

  • 4 Bass
  • 10 Bass Leads
  • 12 Sy_ P \ R ^ } 1nths
  • 17 Leads
  • 2 PadP m 0 +s
  • 4 Plucks
  • 8 FX
  • 8 Sequev * h ! 3nces
  • 200+ Bonus Samples