SideMinder ME is an advanced version of our original SideMinder plugin that offers up to 3 bands of stereo width enhancement and control as well as numerous other requested f= ? Q . L s 8 0 0eatures. SideMinder ME can creW \ k Sate anL B { ` w p almost “3D”| ` . X [ P 5 N quality in stereo mE 4 c Jixes all while remaining mono compatible.

SideMinder ME (Mastering Edition) is the “big brother” to the famous SideMinder Dynamic Stereo Width Maximizer. SideMinder ME can be used to increase (or decrease) the width of stereo mixes whilK I = Z ;e remaining MONO COMPATIBLB z 7 6 B X (E via automatic stereo correlation limitinQ _ h j k X 2 1g. SideMinder ME controls the s] 5 i | – * K } `tereo width dynamically to keep the signal wide at all times imparting anK – ; 8 M almost “3D” quality to. z i thH L j V b ~ re sound. Sid7 O R ( AeMinder ME is not a compressor and will nol ` u Rt alter the dynamic[ C Y [ ? R Ls of the mix, only thX k U @ # / { he stereo width. SideMinder ME does not add ambience effects to the sound bg X ]ut, rather, brings out the sE P o \ i V z }tereo information that already exists in the mix (i.e., SideMinder M) 4 ! 0E will not generate a stereo& c F G f V E g signal from a mono source).

SideMinder MEw f L provides up to 3 bands of independent stereo width enhancement and dynamic stereo width limiting with many additional f– [ A 4 = r P ; )eath E J 7 ~ / 1ures including:

  • Mono/Stereo listen mode.
  • Normal/Delta listen mode.
  • Pre/post process correlation metering.
  • “Advanced” control panel with user adjustments for limiter Ratio and threshold Offset.
  • Expanded range of li) r g E H 1 ` ! dmiter SpeV h hed control (vs. SideMinde= z 8 ?r).
  • Band Level Trim con{ l : h *trols.

SideMinder ME is recommended for use on stereo buses and final mi? 9 u ? 2 % 4xes in both mixing and mastering applications.

SideMi\ \ { E Nnder ME is a 64-bit plugin avaQ C G : B F rilable as VST2 and VST3 for PC$ # n w # T y q y and VST2, VST3 and AU formak j \ \ +ts2 ? j – B ( 1 formats for Mac OS 10.7+.

We are pleased to announce the release of SideMinder ME version 1.4.0. This update offers ao 3 q f A h significant reduction i) q g : 3n CPU load (up to 50% deF L 6 l ; n Y |pending on plugin settings, OS and p9 i \lugin type) and approximately 10% less RAM us* G e } V { M C Hage than previous versions.


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