Noisebud Skyline is an easy to use multi-band image editor for mastering.

You can easis U ` `ly enhance or create depth in a track with the quick and easily accessible controls an8 Z : e : 8 @ Wd you don’t have to worry that you push it too hard since whatever you do with Skyline yr 7 aou can’t break the mono-compatibility. Skyline consists of three main controls, Spread, Pan and Width. ‘j \ iSpread’ will either enhance the ambiance by using the informatio} ^ e ; ; U nn in& U B 7 L ? ~ Q the difference channel and spread it out in the stereo-field, or use the information from the sum-channel and spread that out ih * + e h h + .n the stereo-field. The latter is great if you want to up-mix a mono-file to stereo. ‘Pan’ will pan the audio in the selecteg * . ?d band and ‘Width’ will either boost the sum or the difference by 2dB without touching the other channel. Watch the video, preferable with headphones t@ \ _o get an idea of this lit! * 0tle gem.

We updated our multiband stereo image editor Skyline to version 1.5. The biggest difference from earlie# h Hr versionsK \ } : h & Y E } is the Spread feature which will bring out the depth and 3DW R p [ P t W 3 feel in anyB * R K j : R * i mix.

Available as:

– Windows 32bit VST2
– Wiu ; G / ondows 64bit VST2
– Wie T &ndows 64bit VS0 | 6 k c r HT3
– MAC OSX 64bit AU (We stj Z : 5 B x I !ill consider Mac builds experimental, se| i o p Q [ems to work perfectly/ q ? } g though… So fa2 ; 5 ( N Vr so good)


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