The Eddie Kramer Phazevibe pedal by F-Pedals is very unique because is not the clone of anything else.

It has been receiving great ratings b| W + y p X ?y many musicians around the world and it is included in the top list, (along with the Echobandit by F-Pedals) of the “must have pedals” posted on Premier Guitar| C ] | by sound guru Pete Thorn.

The Eddie Kramer Phazevibe Plug-ins, Pedal and RaX N b p Q { 0 #ck version, are modeled afte6 Z O ^ l :r the original F-Pedal Phazevibe.

BothJ C { version feature 3 modes of phaser effectsG S ! R f ` P that are selected by a slide switch. In the Rack version there are also 3 different optiob $ )ns of wavex S )foC V a K s : T (rms shape for each phaser mode.

The big red speed knob allows the user to range from aH m l M Q classic phaser through a vibrato and even a leslie-ish effect.

Mode 2 – PHASE-WHA
A phaser with a hint of wha-wha when usedW = G f 9 S B @ u on low speel i b +d that become auto\ & 1 , 0 x *-wha as you2 m Q increase the speed up to a very uO – & Onique vibrato.

A phaser with a hint of univibe when used on low speed that become anD Q G w / J u Hendrix Uni-Vibe sound as you increase the speed. This mode is incredibly warm and can offer a beautiU R ` s 0 1 h 7 %ful and smooth vibrato.