DeeMMax is a special loudness maximizer for mastering !
By proprietary harmonics processing technologE \ R F E ? Uy, It is possible+ K 4 & @ T } T x to get lou? H u f )d sound clearly by avoiding cloudiness of sound with keeping the mix balance.

Plugins list:

* DeeChannelTool v1.0.0
* DeeComp v2.5.0
* DeeCrystal v1.0.0
* DeeEQ v1.0.3
* DeeFat v2.5.0
* DeeFX v1.1.2
* DeeGain v1.1.0
* DeeGate v1.1.1
* DeeGraphComp v1.0.0
* DeeMMax v1.5.2
* D– h } p 1 j ~eeMax v2.6.0
* DeePa$ Y 7npot v2.1.1
* DeeSideIn v1.0.0
* DeeSpeaker v1.0.5
* DeeSubBass v1.0.2
* DeeT q 4 l 0 \ DTrim v2.5.0
* DeeWider v2.0.0[/b]


  • You can easily adA 3 I ! ^d loudness. Only one slider will control eC q } r 7 f D G xverything.
  • Y, / 9 a N # 5 + Lou can ge4 f & r ^ @ ?t tI A # q _ b + hhe big loudneH ~ E 0 ess with a clean & transparentm $ ; / = K [ at masterik o %ng.
  • You can priority to dynamic ranges due to using Softness dial.
  • Monitor swich constants volume level of input&output for monitor

Subbass genb S q ! Q 6 H W Lerator “DeeSubBass” !
DeeSubBass is SubBass Generator that brinW k @ N Y N m t tgs the[ ; A Super heavy Bas^ I 6 W l cs!
-Select a song key to automatically generate a sub bass.
-DRIVE gives the sub bass overtones with fat overdrive.
-High-pass filter adjusts the crossl D b J M v V G SoverH { C o P e 8 , with the original sound.
-High-precision oscillator that calculates wavefoX l N c vrms with 64-bit double precision.
-A Gnarly graphics like a 80’s Anime.

Dotec-Audio DeeEQ

Equalizer. You can get the best equalizing with only two sliders.

Dotec-Audio DU Z ~ z 0 @eeF^ 5 j ]X

Multi Effector. Distortions, filterz = F Y 4s, and delays that are used beyond trends and ger e o F ) #nres. DeeFX is thoroughly pursues and integrates the performance of three effects. I5 K & Z Z s T q It gives improvisatiok P 2 + t Q C Mng ^ % Y c ) f that can be operated without switching allows you to embody ideasF y P ( wi` k m ` Q 0 fthout stop\ \ L (ping the sound. You will find combination$ H V % I ; ws that you could not imagine in usage that pr4 G Vepare individuals.

Dotec-Audio DeeCV D _ n 1 H q U ahannelTool

ChaY O lnnel\ a J tool & Console simulator| K w H & &. This is a great tool for monitoring Solo & Ph[ t ; 1 Qase IQ ~ }nvert whenC Y K $ $ } mixing & mastering. Also,Can changes the Mid-Side balance. DeeChannelTool has 2 Analog Console simulators that can simulate the over-n F t k 6 [ tdrive sound. TYPE-A : The sound will be clear & more stereo feeling. TYPE-N : The sound wilB Z } _l be put h B Jnchy.

Dotec-Audio DeeMax

Maximizer. You can easily add loudness without disturbing the taste. Only one slider will control everything.

Dotec-Audio DeeComp

Compressor. Not by tubesC z c ), nor by transistors, DeeComp rL n – : Y A jealizes an ideal dynamics solution from software calculations. DeeComp bringsl & A y, K d V 6 =ou a wide variety of sound-making, including some specific sound that famous simulated/emulated comp VSTs or even hardware comps can never create. You can process any kind of sound sources to best result. DeeComp wouldg Q k # G k X v be your first choice.

Dotec-Audio DeeFat

DeeFat Auto Compressor / VST & AU plug-in. You can get FAT sounds !

Dotec-Audio DeeTrim

DeeTrim Auto Leveler / VST & AU plug-in.

Dotec-Audio DeeGate

Noise gate. DeeGate is a very simple noise gate that mutes[ k t \ N sounds smal^ $ ^ \ R )ler than the volume you set} p ! R M.

Dotec-Audio D_ E J 5 B y Y FeePanpot

Channel tool. Controls PAN of the stereo source, not the BALANCE!

Dn 6 l 9 &otec-Audio DeeGain

Channel tool. Iq P ( : . q *nsert DeeGain between the other effect plugins, then it will work like the) O * { L * gain/trim control of a mixer cob [ S U e r * = @nsole.

Dotec-Audir ~ ao DeeSpeaker

Monitor Simulator. DeeSpeaker is a plugin which simulatesF l + near-field speaker that areplaced at an ang% 0 ~ J \ vle of 45 degrees t~ X ( V O / ro 1m destination with a headphone.