Kameleono is an innovative VST / AU plugin suitable for many applications such as Song-writing, Producing, Live Performance and Jamming.

Kameleono brings the power of side-chaining to the MIDk 5 v V P p t i pI world, oA 2 e 1 ) Spens up endless possibilities and is capable of delivering the most dema. a 7 ` 0 r qnding professional results.

How Does It Work

Kameleono isY A V R { n unique. In additiK \ 7 I ,on to the standard\ U ) _ MIDI-In / MIDI-Out you’ll find on any other MIDI FX plugin, there is also a side-chain MIDI input calle@ x M w f Ld Pattd h x 5 Z Sern-In.

The Pattern-In actS l 4 Z \ V K n #s as a d/ K % L x Bata source for Kameleono’s internal engine and can be used for Au / ` d Brpeggi? b \ N / X H Hator Patterns, Sequencer Notes, Sync M\ ^ 4arkers, etc.

Kameleono is a multi-effectz / L G o V MIDI plugin du5 & ( – – = $ :e to its modular design.
Every module can be used separately, or in conjunction with oth} \ d N K :er} y C ) { modules` W ).

  • The Flow Module handles note mapping such as Arpeggiator and Sequencer.
  • The Pattern Module handles loading and playback of pre-recorded MIDI pattern files.
  • The Chord Module handles chord mapping to single notT W F s 8 ;es.
  • The Scale Module handles notes fA 5 v H # t f +iK { 4 lltering.t \ ( R \ 5 K j
  • The Express Module handles v^ B n } 2 % /elocity and variousf t } 1 MIDI controls.
  • The Sync Module handles timing and synchronizatT – | v 4 I fion.
  • The Hold Module handles note ho( \ Yld functionality.
  • The In:Out Module hanj k &dles input and output settings.
  • The Audio Module is actually a basic synthesizer.


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