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TimeVerb-X is a new plugin from GSi that combines GSi’s “classic” Type4 spring reverb, first released in 2008, and a newO * X e a* Z A ~ ! Y F :lgorithmic digital reverb. The “Type4” spring reverb emulation was orig– ] $inally inspired by an Accutronics reverb tank type 4, like those used in clas4 N =sic Ham? D + \ k 4 [ !mond organs of the A100 series9 f U S R q = s 1, also used in maq o f L m ) ? ;ny famous electrT L C E vic guitar amplifiers. The| I r : C \ , dign g } d 5 ;ital reverb, instead, was first developed for the GSi Gemini sound module, but was also included in some CrumarF 8 . – hardware instrument0 [ ls. Bot6 Q a yh effects have been slightly expanded and further improved for then ` D releas~ A ; /e of TimeVerb-X, as the spring reverb now features a/ Z b self-oscilla7 5 . I z a Ating feedback decay adjustment and a stereo width knob{ L ` ,, and the digital reverb in@ 4 zcludes the early reflectionH b [ . }s section that was missing in the or} – % w ~ = o } Ciginal project. Both reverbs put together make up a greav . u G ! q Mt sound when working in parallel, and create some interesting atmospheres when working; T C C in serialv n x r A 3 v *.

Main features:

Sprin= Z $ x ]g revZ x : F B $erb “Type 4” with feedback and stereo operation
Digital rO o + 1 = *everb with pre-d| y V !elay, early reflections and room size adjustmeV E X v &nt
Built-in programmer with 128 Programs
Import/export of Programs and Banks
BuiJ n o % vlt-in MIDI Learn function with import/export of custom Midi maps
Integrated help with tool-tips and readout displa| 9 / 4 L = k ;ys