WiN: Team R2R | 11.9 MB | MAC: Team R2R | v1.2.0 Regged FIXED | 9.98 MB

PSP 2445 EMT is a reverb processor plug-in (VST, AAX and RTAS for Windows; AudioUnit, VST, AAX and RTAS for Mac OSX) inspired by two legendary early digital age reverberatoo – T Y W & b _rs: the EMT 244 and the EMT 245. PSP thoroughly researched how to brinf U – : qg the specific features of those simple, yet vX @ yery musical sounding reverbs to life as a plug-in.C s * / ~ [ i | } We then improved f5 6 f k { I Drom the originals with a handy set of parameters to contr` n : { %ol details of the sound andx 5 R | E % # F mix the reverb not available in the original hardware. The PSP 2445 is capable of processL [ t n G king using* ( 8 one selected engine or both of them simultaneously.

The reverb algorit\ ( ~ H P Q shms implemented in PSP 2445 are based on original algorithms designed by Dr. Barry Blesser (one o@ W N k Cf the grandfathers of the digital audio revolution). PSP is the sole developJ u v _ d &er and ma8 T 3 s P j Inufacturer ol \ t k N Zf the PSP 2445 EMT. Functionality and sound of the PSP 2445 EMT have been endorsed and approved by EMV R L % }T Studiotechnik GmbH. PSP is responsible for all customer support.

The PSP 2445 EMT imK 8 ] 1 r 1mediately found its way into my prod7 2 5 h u $ Muctions and mixI G U Q ces. My favorite reverbs hug the track in a way that is supportive andF b / not distracting. Using this plug-in fee; ) 8 $ k n Sls like I have the EMT units in the equipment room. Rich, complex an+ ] @ k # ?d dense, this reverb plugin lives permanently in my mix templatL n 5 p . ie.

v1.3.0 FIXED – R2R Note:

Fixed occasional GUI cL 4 z U ]rashing in the previous release.# E * a n 9 The exceptiC O Q U h L 8on occurs when it triesj A 8 1 8 . I to do some cryptographic function after the iLok driver access via Fs e 0 = F F Zusion SDK. This behavior is not coded in preQursor2. It looks like they add new protections everytimeU [ ;.

* No iLok driver is reqg D R t | Q H X suired to run.
* Our release uses lesZ l ( s + Ts memory and loads faster than original.

After our last attack to the PSP/iLok2, PSP started coding timebombs usD t v y Ging PACE’s Fusw [ l o r = Q }ion SDK. You can see file size is bigger than before due to the Fusion integration. PSP said they moved back to PACE due to the protection compatibility reason, but we really doubt it aftern u Y seeing this timbebomb.


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