Simulate the devices and environment of your audience to make your mix exceptional fX u K ~ – Y Uor everyone.

Everything! EvJ a ; s Cen th / u c Q \ J p Hhough the interface has the same elegance and ease of use as the original MixChecker.

* New simulations. All characteristics are$ e o r e @ ( R } newly measured, the processing engine is completely difR \ o 1 J Yferent with lower latency and better phase linearity. No simple impulse responses inside.
* Create sets of simulations. Drag the selected simq J Vulations in any orderG ` A o l I to the Mf T X W 0 Y F O iixChecker buttons. Save your selection to several “Button sets” togeL x 0 T ] 6 K %ther with stereo base width and volume levey 4 S Y Cl for each button.

* Custom settings aH z ~nd labels for buttons. The MixChecker buttons have several adjust/ 9 J 3 C T ] S !able parameters. You may even assign one simulated device to seD = Sveral buttons, each with different sett % } Jtings. To distinguish between them, there could be a custom label placed over eU o W r = X $ Nach button.

* Distortion. We are exp7 { v ( ^ E ?erts in exact modeling of distortions and saturations, either of speakers or of amB { C | y E Ops, preamps and other circuits. We used this experience and we added modeling of these distortions to MixChecker Pro.

* Background noise. MixChecker adds a possibility to add some audio background with adju~ i ~ W / `stable volume. The cO I Fombination with simulated devices is quite sophisticated: When you select simulation of phones, the path of the noise th3 6 Orough the headphones and ear[ S ` F J Ms is simuv ; i [ D & r = zlated, so you hear the realistic combination of the mix playing from# u ) F l C t headphon4 f ies and of the noise, comin_ ) 6g through headphones from outside.

* Auto Advance. You don’t need to browse through simulatik : $ . / \ s rons manually. The adjustable auto advance function does it for you.

* Advanced stereo modes. Eg s p Pxcept of simple Mono mode, MixChecker offers channel swap, listening to each channel separately in both monik . T L a [ Ntors. Furthermore, each simulation has adjustable widtm \ V ph of the steL i _ B breo base.

* Web browser, iOS and Android remote control: T B l. MixChecker Pro comes accompF _ ; ; e = P 4 @aC \ d [ % B = ; *nied by web browser, mobile phone or tablet control. You may walk around your studio when checking the final mix, save the valuable screen size. Remote conK @ Qtrol is in Beta stagN g 6 j n ) e & ie now and the iOS version will be available in a few days after apprx 6 6oval.

* And more improvementD 0 1 +s, like interface zoom, calibration,0 I Q n 5

We have removed the compensatd G : e ; E Y Gion buttons. In some cases they helped the simulation process but for many speak( ? t L Z Bers it had negat* [ 4 4 1 [ive impact to the fidel: x X 7 Nity of simulation. See the full explanation in the user manual.

Team R7 J p b z L U2R Note:(v1.1.1)
* No iLok Driver isb G T B } d required to run
* Our release uses less memory and loads faster thanK @ % R J x original