PSP oldTimerMB is a vintage-style multi-band compressor designed for demanding track processing, buss and mix compression, and mastering. (VST, VST3, AudioUnit, AAX and RTAS plug-in) Our aim in d= ; $ T * v c /eveloping this plug-in was to deh g G a @ = +sign a high end multi-band processor based on the algorithm from our best-sellinx } c { 0 6 T +g PSP oldTimer compressor. The result is a musical and warm sounding processor with a range of controls mb j @ j ^aking it a vital tool for virtually any kind of music. Swit] . K 1 z { F p \chable and adjustable output valve emulation give’s you a choice of additional color to the sound. Thank you, and pl{ Z G hease enjoy the versaf = S H utility and quality of PSP oldTimerMB!