PSP oldTimer a vintage-style compressor designed for track or program compression and limiting.

Our goal in developing these plug-ins has been to provide you wit4 _ + u | & . *h versatile compressors that offer det_ ^ ! \ailed control and an el r j ixceptionally musicalf P o o f l % ` d sound. PSP oldTimer plug-inh w m 1 1 + \ , Xs are not based on any specific hardware, rat$ G w Sher they are inspir6 y 7ed by vintage circuits and we designed t6 S ehem to emulate our favorite characteristics of suc$ r – : Kh compressors.

PSP oldTime7 A j (rME versio} A % 1 Y % n E Zn of this compressor combines advanced features such as the option to process left, right, mid or side channel exclusively while being v% y & ~ery simple to set up – which makes it hard to go wrong! Ink & I case of PSP oldTiW m H R @ – C 7 cmer our goal was to provide a simple compressor that offers an excepti| d n Gonally musical sound while requiring a minimum of tweaking. PSP oldTimer is so simple and so eab k r l = osy to use, that it’s difficult to make it sound bad even at extreme settings! These compressors offer soft and smooth compression in most applications, however they mo $ 3 3 K p S !ay slightly color the sound% t , i U n u ] with their tube emulation on transients when heavily driven internally by high compression values.

Both of them are parr ^ I \ Tt of our series Zero Latency Processing plug-ins; no additional latency is critical in many situations such as live monitoring and managing automation.