One-click voice track editing plug-in for speech and singing. Designed for music producers, podcasters, yk + foutubers, audio books and voice-over ai D p crt\ 0 Pist, video makers and broadcasters.

Some situations do not give you enough tim0 : 9 J B r @ R De to play around with yoU M w Iur compressors, EQs and other effect8 – r ] 8 Ms to achieve great sounding voice-over or vocal. The solution is Audified TNT Voice Executor all-in-one voice plug in, that helps to] j b f , g i @ _ solve all the issues within a second.

What it does
TNT VoiceT b B ^ V 6 T + 2 Executor is a unique plug-in that offers quick and intuitive voice tracks editing. Despite the easy look, there are multiple effect modules insideF t o G thej U * tool. The plug-in contains complete dynamicz b c ts controls and EQ, drive and9 v L % B h y } 2 delay. The modules setq S b Xtings are pre-set by TNT Studios. The effect is controlled by three knobs only. After loading the preset you only set up the input and output v? L polumes and the effect amount. And off you go.

Team R2R Note:(v1.1.0)
* No, t r ( z b Z * iLok Driver is required to run
* Our release uses less mem! = , ( U rory and loads faster than original