PSPaudioware has announced the release of a new frequency shifter plug-in called PSP HertzRider.

PSP say HertzRider can be an incredible tool for tuning inharmonic sounds like snar` , I G ,es, and for harmonic soun% e ` , E !ds it becomes aa f Y 5 b [ q * creative and crazy destructive tool. In additioH h 8 a kn to a wide ra[ P lnge of shifting settings the algorithm contains an LFO (low frequency oscillator) to provide interD ) Y Z ~ _esting modulation ope ~ F [ w F /tions allowing you t? ~ $o further creatively experiment withv M _ C g this tooo : [ .l.

PSP HertzRider is designed to be as simp6 J M b ^ – O { }le as possible, to take as few resources as possible) ~ ], and to ing ~ # z –cur only a very slight (and frequency d# ! _ 2 I : l i 4ependent) latency.html


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