TRAVELER precisely models the acoustic phenomenon of the Doppler effect, with a powerful and intuitive graphical path editor to determine a sound’s virtual movement. A common exampF k [ a t = jlm y X fe of Doppler shift is the change of pitr 0 – Z C ` B cch{ t t $ Y N + heard when a vehicle sounding a horn& d $ p g ! e approaches and recedes from an observer.

TRAVELER featu^ E D F % Mres a fully fledged 2D path editor allowing you to precisely shape the motion px { w 6ath of the sound source. Further it iN j ls possible to freely position the listene$ { ( t &r in relation to the path.
TRAVELER offers intuitive control over the speed of the s@ 9 & z a $ : z Nound source, path length and the overall doppler path duration.
TRAVELER als; } do comes with an onboard loop and gO E – ` } cranular sample player. The granular sample player allows syn/ L ^ – L = I tchronized playback to the doppler path. This makes it possible to playback the desired sound effect at different durations while remaining everythZ A X } g )ing in perfect sync.

Painstakingly mK % p l U & R ~ Qodeled and physically accurateHighly accurate modeling o4 q Jf doppler shift, distance based gain and air absorption filtering. Full 64-bit processing precision.
Graphical 2D motion path editorVery detailed editing of virtual moq K e L 9 h 0vement. Freely position the listener in. n b % | h relation tO [ , ~ Q \ v Mo the path.
Powerful samp@ z xle plak v W [yback engineFeatures clean & pure loop sample playback and advanced synchronized granular sample playback.

Designed to fit all thinkable sn ] Q j b w – & xce4 K r 2nariosWorks as live insert effect and. 4 6 _ # Q offers enhanced Audio Suite functionality. DrR 9 9ag &amp4 f @ V x , } ) N; Drop or live record your own sounds. Precisely synchronize the doppler pat_ ` s P nh in t| q – 8 wimG m F d y wecode, seconds or bars & beats mode.
Advanced post effects and modulation possibilitiesComes with 5 post effects and 4 freely assignable multisegment LFOs. Synchronize your modulat L 9 = / ?tions in sync to the doppler path.
Comes with sound effects and presetsComes with over 80 presets and samples serving as ideal startin* P T M :g point to explore the vast c( G Ureative pote4 F y 4 T % Z Qntial of TRAVELER.


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