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apulSoft apQualizr2 is an audio plugin based on a multiband equalizer layered on top of a fre- que} / V W H f `ncy analyzer with elements of a modular effects system. It features graphical editing of top quality low latency filters and modular modA m j x /ulatE Y I 6 3 , c 2 Jion of various filter parameteC l x {rs. It can be usedG f 9 Y q f8 ` 5 C a X 9or all standard EQ applications and can produce many modulation and dynamics effects thanks to the dynamics and lfo modules includ2 : =ed.

apQualizr2’s filters arem 8 \ p N ~ B 3 based on a unique method to match ideal frequency response curves over the entire frequency spectrum while maintaining mE | Pinimal latency. Applicable filter types have adjustable steepness (S = 2 4 / 6adjusta+ U 7 U .ble number of poles) and can be individually switched to Mid-Side processing.


– High quality minimal latency vari-slo7 ~ ! tpe filters? l H * R S n h ; modelled perfectly over the full frequency spectrum.
– Graphical editing of filter parameters.
– Un) ~ \ 4 Y t b mlimited number of filt_ [ Qer bands.
– Zoomable FFT-based frequency analyzer displayed beneath the filter curves.
– Frequency band solo feature: hold Alt to solo frequencies in mouse prox= L V $ a ~ } Iimity at any time.
– Filter parameters can be modulated by a configurable network of modules.
– Current moL S 5 0 4 Wdule selection: LFO, Dynamic4 z m X I U v = *s Detector, Signal Scope, Mix, SpM S !lit.
– Mid-Side / Left-Right processing per filter band.
– Co5 A + O T a A / smb filter.
Y ( \ u e S . 3 – Output clipper with gain reductiC & L Y + Oon graph.
– Interactive pianox 4 1 P ( ruler.


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