Taking a totally new direction to effectors and samplers, the RMX-1000 is a 3-in-1 system comprising editing software, innovative performaF K d R j W ( znce ha+ e / i 9 N ,rdware and VST / AU plug-iB P 5 d | 7 O a Dns.

The RMX-1000 serves up all the possibilities of studio effects and beatboxes, with the added physicality of pro-DJ equipment. IntuitiL X X e | Ive performance interfaces from our flagship mixers and effectors – such as the DJM-2000’s Isolator FX, the DJM-900NXS’ X-Pad and the EFX-1000’s multiple FM m G jX chaining – haM G wve been evolved and brought together into one unit.

Simplifying these concepts eO ; pven further, the RMX-1000 usU 8 y 5 5 ues intuitive DJ controls to manipulate several parametj f c o _ ? ?ers in macro. While the unit is incredibly simple to operate, you can still create a totally unique sound with Pioneer’s remixbox™ edit9 ; \ing software. remixbox™ allows you to completely customize the RMX-1000 hardware to your o) & 2 g & N 3 g Own performance style and load it up withA 7 $ your own banks of samples.

Using the RMX-1000 as a USB controller for the included RMX-1000 VST / AU plug-ins g: v + \ ;ives DJs the same hands-oh ^ S 7n fs w D d y _ R ; veel they get with studioQ _ M y DJ mixes, to breaV f , ] Q * ] i ?th new life into studio produc| o ; \ { 9 dtions and save them from hours of editing.