Our first FX Plug-in Finisher MICRO is entirely free, subscribe to our newsletter and get started. Finisher is no0 j f _ : j p 3t a Chorus, not a Reverb, Compre@ o _ 3 [ Y =ssor or EQ – it is all of the above and way more, because ib R u H F ntj i = uses these effect_ B h ] % K 0 ls as building blocks to create finishing touches for your tracks.I5 q % * &t’s be_ d ~en designed to be your companion that always has a fresh idea up its sleeve. F~ m a ; i Z 1 B binisher MICRO will keep inspiring you, and protects you from recording or mixing a bland and boring track ever. 7 $ F # Y y @ again.

Who is it fR ! , e h 1or
Finisher MICRO is for just about anyone recording music or sound. Musicians, producers, soue 6 * 2nd designers and even podcasters will appro B h 5 h r Leciate the special dash of creativity and inspiration.

How Does it Work
Every Mode and its Amount Knob assignmentm \ % | r 6s are a cs l U P K X w Domplex sound design piece to create one particular “change of scene” for yo_ R g x c [ sur instrument.

One Knob c{ B I @ ) Man Change Evt z z 5 0 F *erythig g A \ v sng
The AmounX + F 4 + 1t Knob can be wired to every parameter ofC 5 ^ a r $ R H every aca 9 { % Ative effect, in varying degrees. It can dramatically speed up the phaser while introducing a little distortion and mixing in a dash of reverb. You are freedw M : F 0 v % from the pressure to know what’s going on. Trust your ears to be inA u r b }spired\ * [ – switch Modes and turn theZ D T u Amount knob – and makf e !e your track{ K Y z ; S * 2s more beautiful, interesting, bigger,O H w % N % D r e tougher, or change them entirely – while your focus remainsA & ] * 3 w on your music. That is the power and the beauty? V y S o ] w k I of Finisher.