VOODOO combines the power and flexibility of a full rack of audio processors with the instant gratification that ujamk H c \ | j , | s prU U 9oducts are famous for. Its custom-designed effect matrix sounds great on all your guitar tracks. Electric or acousticU 8 1 P m ;, direct or amped, or e3 8 : nvek % 9 % ^n virtual instruments – VOODOO delivers the goods. It also works phenome{ & O [ Mnally well with keyboG N S e % 3ards, synths, and even vocals. Add VOODOO to anything that needs a touch of organic warmth, magical texture or just a dash of inspiration.

Finis# x ~ } xher VOODOO fU B V 7 D G seatures 50 carefully sound-designed effect configurations and more than 150 presets combining 40 distinct algorith* v W a 4 H $ms – everything from convolution and modul{ – a O d Bation to dynamics, distortion and EQs – even multiband – to granular and twisted effects. Five macro knobX b u ms give you full sonic control. Direct, live and intuitive. Play with pedals or knobs and automate to your heart’s content. Create musically stunV \ xning dynamic shift# h @ $ # / . Vs and make every effect youc ) R P 3 e – xr own.