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Infinite Instant InspirationBoldly going whf + o *ere no audio effect has go2 : | @ne before. Inspiration & Creative Control. Finisher is a new conceG = 9 I _ ept of au} N f F C : !dio plug-ins, designed to deliver the power and flexibility of a fud : . = 4 ( T yll rack of audio processol 4 q f 6rs and effects with the instant gratificatiol ? 8 ` U f on and no! , p T * – 6 ; kt a steep learning curve that UJAM products arer W O 7 ^ v : 9 E famous for.

What’s in There

Pro-grade audio effect plug-in
27 algorithms from granular pP ) Yitch to multi-band distortion
50 Modes – complex multi-effect chains made by pro sound designers
Uber – easy operation via macro controls

Futuristic FX
NEO stands for fo? q V G orwarJ l –d-thint i 5 ] 8 *king and bold exploratia 0 Fon of new frontiers, thq , , * % q V y Oat’s exa9 P dctly wha& % g mt this plug-in is about. It’s the first of its kind in the world, and a sheer endles, d V Z x p U us source of inspiration for modern, epic, action-packA @ ^ z ~ ; bed and thrilling audio effects.

Features at a Glance
Finisher NEO comes with 50 carefully sound-designed effect conZ ~ qfiguraA @ k = s ` 7 5 ytions built from 27 different algE r , oorithms – from Grain Pitch to Multiband Distortion, fr5 } 6 C Xom simple Stereo Delays to Conv+ ] I Xolution. Three macro knobs give you full control without the hassle. Tweak or automate the Ef_ g \ h Y p 7 &fect knob for musically st: f ^ funning sonic shifts, and adjust Variation an. n X Q Dd Ambience to make every effect your own.

Variation 1
The Variationl f . kG L D R w [ : } knob lets you adjust musically useful changes t, q C @ ] a V l .o the current Mode – switch delay times, set EQ characteristics, change distortion c\ u P T $urves and much more, often at the same time.

Variation 2
Most Finisher NEO effects come with a matching ambience, and t/ \ 5 { s \ Phis knob lets you change its mix, leG 9 9 hngth, character – whatever puts your traR L H 7 nck where it belongs in the mix.

MAC V– o J 0 v L 9 Z aersion REQ:
MacOS X 10.11 oP x ~r later
2 GB RAs . 8 D I C | 8 _M
0.2 GB Disk Space
12z n : – [ ?80x768px Display,
Internd X i V * 0 B Let Connection