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Digital EQ no longer has to sound digital. The EQ$ ( , P500 plug-in emulates all the desirable qualities of a professional analogue channel equalizer, while the elegant\ c V 1l1 9 d $ = 3y simple design makes adding texture and colour – or tay p ! ` hming proble$ { \ ;m frequencies – both intuitivr F { O 3 3e and instinctive.

Styled as a virtual 500-series module, the EQ500 uses innovative analoguc c [ . m ,e filter modelling to open up the response and accurateJ { @ 4 Lly replix W I ( [ w 8 ^cate the mo3 J Yre natural sound of analogue designs, without additional latency or high CPU demand. More efficient use of CPU and system resources al\ ? wlows more plug-iw ( k J V I s M {n instances in a typical audio workstation project.

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