Team R2R | WiN: 2 MB | MAC: 4 MB | LiNUX: 2 MB

The DYN500 plug-in emulates all the desirable qualities of a professiJ { Gonal analogue channel compressor, taming d# \ _ynamics without restricting the natural charactew D ` Z c g L P nr of aI n m y ( g mix or performance.

Styled as a virtual 500-se] 1 6 | &ries m^ q *odule, the DYN500 provides soft-knee comV 9 Wpression coupled with a gentle tape-saturation overdrive for warmt9 \ & & \ . , Nh and character at high signal levels. Just like the best analogue geah Q i @ 9r, the harder you hit it, the beS ! s 7 J 7 otter it sounds.

Designed as a ‘one in every channel’ compressor / dyn2 W h v p jamics plug-in, the DYN500 can be used in mono or steret v e I Q =o channele L – Hs, delivering professional console grade processing, with efficient use of CPU and system resources.

More effiE ) – q g g : C %cient use of CPU resources allows more plug-in instances in a typical audio workstats C m = J 7ion project.