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REPLIKA XT is a creative multi-mode delay. With five vivid delay modes and advanced options, thI ) 3 qis effect delivers pure inspiration.X i $ U = #

Studio-quality delay with vast sonic flexibilik u j d s , \ D *ty
Comprehensive, all-in-one solution for intricate rhythms, mixing tricks, and more
Straightforward interface makes dialing-in sounds fast and intuitive

Five deeply modeled delay modes span crisp digital repeats, analog warmth, and experimental textures. Advanced options offer fast ways to open up you mix with pinpoint creative control. And an elegany z / W 0 Zt interface puts new possibilities ri5 I V xght beform i L t ? \ ce your eyes. From single instruments to entire mB X \ n z /ixes, REPLIKA XG Z f R \ ^T will add new character to your music.

Each of the five` 6 @ * S F – modes was inspired by some of the most revered delays in history, making REPL: ~ 5 5 m GIKA XT an all-in-one solution for distinctivv X h I C 4 S Oe, high-quF ) C Q ^ality echoes& ? m Y + K, spT ? e G J / = R `ace, and width.
Modern delivers clean? u : b Y + W, precise, controlu m Mlable repeats.
Vintage Digital offers warm, crunchy repeats modeled after early sam$ 2 ) | o Vplers and digitaz c \ ]l delays.
Analogue replicates the dark, hazy sound of analog bucket-brigade pedals.
Tape provides the organic quality of famous tape echo unito – : ~s anR k –d the punchy, smooth sound of tape.
Diffusion is something entirely its own – swirling reverberant echoes that no physical space can provide.

REPLIKA XT makes it easy to c– p & H breate sophisticated rhythms, widen| h L your mix, or explo0 h – d ;re a universe of sound design possibilities. Use the pattern controls to quickly create rhythmic repeats that shift organically with the music\ 2 W \ E U. Dial in the; I _ 3 * A perfect stereo image with panning for each del# f O n t N ray and dry signal,, | g _ D = L J 3 or adjust ducking time t# H Fo keep percussive hits tight – uncomprc 4 ( ! * / 7 ?omising control at a glance.

ComU O s | U }biv a 7 L w f /ne the delay modes with pristine effec} h u g 4 Qts to producez , 7 G B y b m \ classic mixing tricks, and add shimmer, dimension, and motion to your music. REPLIKA XT includes seven time-based and piZ ( W q % 8 rtch effects to add to your repeats. Or turn the delay down and use them on their own.

REPLIKA X] S ] : } bT features custom presets by some of today’s leading7 \ o c * Q ? G sound artists, including:

Richard Devine
Roger Lyons (Lionrock, engineer/programmer for Kaiser Chiefs, New Or, j Q { f & sdeV y vr, and Ultravox)
Marcus Byrne (keyboards/programmer for Take That, ELO, Gary Barlow, and Annie Lennox)
Chris Shaw (producer/engineer fx ( b k ;or Bob Dylan,k | e C % z F Pj H =ublic Enemy, Ween, SFA)
TOM aT o N – o Knd His Computer (Lulu Rouge)

T= E dhe presets re { Qange from hyper-modulated echoes to subtle widening efp W w j s , 8 efects – each with the professional sq $ z lignature ov v p o J M ^ Lf the artist that created it. Use them as they are or as starting points for your own sonic explorations.

v1.1.0 — 2020-06-10

  • FIXED Replika XT crashe: | v 5 _ P v ; ed onn x X h W v \ B instantiation in Logic Pro X 10.5
  • KNOWN ISSUE We were reported issues oW i c Q kn macOS 10.15 when opening the plug-in in Digital PerforH ` rmer 9 and 10 and Max 8. We areN R F investigating this. US O f + 0 o ! P Msers of those hosts may consid] k c – V z E } #er7 ! s | ) not tP t xo update to this versionL g ( ] 9 G G 0
  • REMOVED 32-bit plug-in support

Install Notes:(v1.1.0 MAC)
Install Notes:
Just install and enjoy!

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