WiN: Team ASSiGN | 4.75 MB | MAC: Team HEXWARS | 4.67 MB

QUARTZ is a unique multi-effect plug-in that turns the simplest sounds into ever evolving rhythmic soundscapes. But that is not everything. It is also a source of creative modulation which can be used to control parameters outside of QUARTZ such as soA [ D 2ftwarej | w K _ ~ ` . 3 instruments, plugL J , y R : O c-ins or even external MIDI equipment. QUARTZ offers a cle4 Y Y 8 } k + +ar and easy to use interface for intuitive workflow.

QUARTZ gets itv h 4 U h . %s name from the fact that all LIN8 n h o ] L lE and LFO modulations work to the auI # ` v w mdio sample rateP 3 9 a \ { S B, ensuring sample accuras f ! z j g lte parameter modulation. With its variety of effect modules and its powerful ml \ ) l ,odulation capabilities, QUARTZ gives your sounds the right shape and groove.

Team HEXWARS Note:(v1.1)

Our patch is only for server check.] | A q 4 v
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