Analog Sound In Motion
A vibrant trio of essential modulation effects based on elus4 5 # r j Dive analog classics.* & # I + S Bathe your mix in stunning analP % { | I { F b ^og chorus, rich multi-mode flanger and swirling dual phaser – dreamy textures await.

Modulation FX You’ll Actually Use
Coll g 6 ? (or your mix with a selection of irresistible and instantly recognisable effects. These are no ora V @ Z q 1 kdinary modulation plr z ! s o Eugins; they’re circuit-accurate emul1 Z [ f – v 5 y iations of time-tested classics, meticulously engineered to capture every tonal nuance of their hardwarv g p *e predecessors.

Ever-changing, ever-inspiring
We see modulation as a journS T S 3ey without a destination. You start with a dry signal. You s\ ] L @ % 3 Dwitch the effect on and take your first step. The journey evolves, twisting and turn; b r w / – iing in interesting and entic3 m ] ning ways. When4 | C you switch the effect off, you’re back where you started – ready to take the journey all over again.


Chorus DIMENSION-D v1.0.1.2204
Flanger, C # 5 BL-c # p 1 l20 v1.0.1.2203
Phaser BI-TRON v1.0.1.2205

LoS Note:
Patch is based on PitchShifter work!