Mikron Chorus was inspired by the Juno chorus, the chorus effect found in the Roland Juno synthesizer as well as the Boss/Roland chorus pedals from the 70/80ies. It has the same signal~ + R g ] 7 0 $ ` routing as the Roland/Boq P = Q E ; t Pss CE2, and the spectral characteristics of its bucket brigade delay chips, but without the noise that always accq G m wompanies bucket briga 3 n D G I – 3 Hade delays. Mikron Chorus has the same ease of us3 , C + ~ [e as the pedals it was inspired by, with just a few handy extra features. Where the CE2 only had adjustablS j / %e rate and depth. Mikron Chorus adds adjustabA g f _ 8 O Xle delay time, feedback and mix. This gives you not onlk m 1 x 3 c –y more flexibility, but makes it also possible to use Mikron Chorus as a flanger by dialling in shorter delay times, and ad{ ] mding feedz | L # ; 8 X n zback. Last, but not least there is the stereo mode that you can use to giveh d \ { u the chorus extra spaciousness.


vintage 70/80ies sound
intuitive, easy to use interface
low cpu