With Mikron Reverb you can beam your music into the right atmosphere in a heartbeat. This colorful, stompbox inspired plugin is the little brother of our widely acclaimed Redline Reverb. It has the same warm and lush, ‘lexicon-ish’ sound, but a completely different mode of operation. In Mikron Reverb the majority of the parameters of Redline Reverb are hidden behind just a few intuitive knobs. It incorporates an intelligent algorithm that determines the ideal settings for those parameters for a wide variety of room characteristics.

The idea behind this algorithm is that when you dial in a certain kind of reverb you usually are not interested in the reverberations of all possible rooms and positions in those rooms, but only those that will give you a superb or interesting sound. There are a lot of concert halls, but only a few are praised for their acoustics. And there is only one spot in a concert hall were the band sounds at it’s best. It’s those great sounding reverberations that we tried to capture.

Or if you are interested in a bit more technical background: there is a reason that certain spaces sound great or that when you stand in the center of a room the sound is less good than when you move a little to the front. And that has everything to do with how the different parameters of the reverberations are balanced: early reflections, decay time etc. The ultimate formula for this is still unknown, one of the reasons why architects still have difficulties designing the perfect concert hall. But we think we have been able to come up with an approximation of it. We had one advantage. Unlike architects who have to take into account the annoying constraints of real world buildings we only had to focus on how sound moves through time in a musically pleasant way. Our formula is most definitely based on a personal preference, not on a universal truth. But we dare say that it does a hell of a job. What does this mean in practice It saves you a lot of unnecessary tweaking. Whatever knob you turn, the reverberation keeps sounding great, just different.


  • with a very few knobs you can create many different spaces
  • sound keeps evolving in a musically pleasing way
  • tonality remains intact overtime
  • extremely long reverb times (which makes it an excellent reverb for ambient sounds)
  • intuitive, easy to use interface
  • low cpu
  • NKS support


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