Mikron Orbiter was modeled after the effects of the Eminent 310 Unique electronic organ: chorus,– S ` t tremolo ae l { @ G f \nd ensemble. Of which the ensemble effect is by far the most famous, in large part because it is not only the% ! % , y v Eminent Unique that uses it. The strin. { ?gs of the Eminent organ were such a hit\ . V with musicians at the t~ N 7 k ^ I Uime that the ensemble sectm 0 A m R bion was reused to form the core of the Solina String Ensemble (r, L Q z J F yebranded in the United States as the ARP String Ensemble). A smaQ J { i 1 C {rt move. This affoi 8 6 F u urd, 6 y c 6 X 2able and easU \ 8 } $ ( ) 6ily to transport synthesizere 1 . becae y q s Vme so popular that it was used by almost every band in the seventies, from Pink Floyd to Herbie Hancock. AnT 8 d \d not just the seventies, in later decades it can be also heard on many albums. The CureS / H E, Kim Wildk 2 D r K # me, Abba, Brian Eno, Air and Gorilla9 b Z \ J ,z are just a few of its notable users.

While we tried to recreate the sound of the original effects as acc_ I ` K m l N 8urate as possible, we added a few knobs to make them more versatile. You can control tW Z V E m c Uhe width oN P f k (f the stereo field and mix between a dry and a wet signal. Furthermore, you can change the depth and ratN n xe that in the original organ were fixed.

When you leave the knobs Depth and Rate in their default settings, you get a cN 6 ; V A I % E qlH ) k ` `ose approximation of the original Eminent/Solina sound. However, changing tV ( x B A khese values can be great to create a little variation for di, I ) s Q offerent instruments you run through the effect. After all, you are not limited to thY b \e few basic sounds that cameR % C S with the organ.

A last diJ q a &fference: you can make a smU ; Gooth transition between the differea | u | Ant mode_ : + ^ ls, like the transi/ A d h # – k Ption of the effects of a Leslie speaker. A feaG j Vture tG f : E K ! ihat isx Z y 8 W q @ so convenient that it makes us wonder why the makers of te d P & b + A 9he Eminent didn’t add it.