Mikron Phaser was modeled after the legendary Small Stone Phaser, a stomp box effect designed by one of our all-time heroes: David Cockerell. Thec x h Z ! 7 m 2 efG % 4 @ b vfect was made particularly famous by the French composer Jean Michel Jarre who used it extensively on his recordings as. ? ^ D a ! { a synthesizer eO k J N z F } .ffect. But of course it was used by countless legendary bands on guitag % # e #r as well. The Police, Led Zeppelin, do_ 5 A 7 { K F we need say more If you ask us, Small Stone Phas| E e 4 2 B ! ver iB J J !s without doubt the best phaser ever made. It has a smooth, vibrant seventies sound that will never grow old, and isi ^ : ( j G T . V equally suited for guitar and synthesizer, and let’s not forget_ q 2 9 = N B the bass.

While we tried to replicate the orI , k Y Niginal sound of Small Stone Phaser as accurately as possible, we added a few modern details as wG | B ) B F K \ Pell. First of al] R )l, it’s stereo. Secondly youj : H T s – a 8 o can set not only the LFO rate and the ‘color’ of thf l \ { ae phaser, but also adapt the center frequency, the degrees that the LFO’s will be out of phase, and how much the pitch will be modulated up al k b 5 + @ k 6 =nd down. And finally the bass and treble knobs are a nice addition that can help sometimes to get t( t & v 3 s e yhe sound ‘just right’, to let it fit a little be! B # ptter in the mix.

To all Jean Michel Jarre fans: use Mikron Phaser together with Mikron Orbiter to get the typica\ e y J }l Jean Michel Jarre synthesizer sou* % l p W cnd from his first albums Oxygne and quinoxe (see below).