Positive Grid is proud to announce the release of BIAS FX 2, the next generation of itN c u ~ ~ g J Ws acclaimed BIAS FX guitar amp and effects software. Como e V 2 Z i ~ gpletely re-ee * ~ ungineered, with a higher-resolution DSP engine and hundreds of improvements, BIAS FX 2 delivers the ultimate in reO 2 u = Q + W 8sponsive, detailed and truly authentic gl $ | + G 6 N + (uitar and bass tones.

Highlights include Positive Grid’s newly developed, exclusive Guitar Match and emulation technologies thatc B _ ^ s $ vi% 5 ` & – ^ \ 3rtually turn one guitar into another with startling realism. An extensive coll– y _ ] Q B a Cection of all-new and revat . N 9 \ o bmped amR ! ^ @ps, pedals and HD racks adds unparalleled deph m H j r ` p l rth ay 0 8 `nd width to guitar sounds. And all-new Fuz} u N t f % \ j Oz, Time and Harmonizer modelers prs _ = p T Movide unique guitar tones and effects, and a looper and recorder. ` W _ allow new performance capabilities. With a newlO Q o $ . n B }y designo g d Q P 9 g #ed interface that makes it easier than ever to access the massive power of BIAS FX 2, the promise of ultimate tone and flexiT \ D 7 5bility is trul~ N ! v Dy delivered.

Completely Re-Engineered
Completely re\ w \ 3 J 7 w ? y-engineered, higherZ d g n x d * ?-resoluti2 d ; 6on DSP engine with hundreds of improvements deliver the ultimate in responsive, detailed and varied guitar tones.

Hyper-realistic Guitar Match
Posiq P t W $ v btive Grid’s newly de4 S E 2 8 v Zveloped, exclusive Guitar Match and emulation technologi% @ # t ) 7es virtually turnH L B g z , your guitar into another with startling realism.

New Amps, Pedals & Racks
An extensive collectiC M M _ T w 3on of all-new revamped amps, pedals and HD rag B 4 P % w V 0 )cks add unparalleled depth and w2 O Xidth to your guitar sounI @ C K o & x fds.

Stunning Advanced Modelers
All-new Fuzz, Time and Harmonizer modelers pump up your productions with excitin/ Z i N h k W 2g, unique guitar tones and effects.

NEW Easy. Insanely Comprehensive

Turn Your CoB _ + ) M a Q Smputer In: A F P k y %to an All-II w 0 n ; 2n-One Guitar Powerhouse
Want access to famous classic and modern amplifiers and effects, right at your fingertips BIAS FX 2 pk Z s v T ` \rM = ; y = ; jovides this and more as an intuitive, fully customizable virtual ele. & 1 x o L = S !ctric guitar, bass or acoustic guitar rig for Mac and PC. Works as a standalone app, allowing you to inject new tones and creativity i+ : )nto your playing, practicing and jamK [ [ | x g & _ xming – no need for any other software or DAW.

NEW Pedalboard Paradise

Thousands of Authentic, Analog-Like Pedals
BIAS FX 2’s stockpile of foot pedals can be expanded by downloading thousands of shared, custom foot pedals from ToneCloud, Positive Grid’s worldwide social network of players, engineers ap + E q o 9 Gnd producers. But why stop there With BIAS FX 2 you can easilq . 4 G 1 i 3 uy hoF A G At rod your distortion, dV } 1 S r b 7 zelay and modulation pedals using the fully integrated BIAS Pedal software included wit? ] y f \h BIAS FX 2 Elite, creating pedalboards and sounds nobody else has.

NEW Groundbreaking Guitar Match

Hyper-Realistic, Precision Guitar Emulation
Forget swapping out real guitars in the stuK – } 3 ? z c Q %dio to record the next track, or grabbing another guitar onstage for the next song. With BIAS FX 2’s groundbreaking Guitar Match techno2 9 u P g 4 ?logy, you can turn your guitar—any g$ B V k l O muita~ 6 U | ur— into a hoarder’s collection of legendary axes, each precisely reco W ^ O 8reated down to their pickups, body type and bodA o (y thickness. No special pickup is required to make your guitaN M g l f . fr sound lA N ~ X c T 4ike a classic AW c r ^ American guitar, a vintage LP and more.

NU ^ L M Q m 8EW Exp* a a c c tansive. Next-Level Effec@ h W K O k Xts

Make Your Productions Sound More Melodic, Bold, Deep and Wide
New Harmonizer, Fuzz and Time mod{ L Celers take your recordings and live performa] $ 8 y % S GncesE n , Z r T D + r beyond ordinary limits. BIAS FX 2’sv Q ( F g ) 7 ~ 3 advanced modeling suite lets you create vintage and modern fuzz pedals for more grit and sustain, time-based effects for more depth, and instantly create ensemble lead lines with multiple voices.

Supersize Your Tracks. All New S5 / ^ _tudio Rack Collection
From essential workhorse tools to cri _ Meamy vintage effects and sparkling modern outboard gear, BIAS FX 2’s eight brand-new stu{ ) O { 1dio rack processors—EchoreX HD, Tri-Chorus, Tube| v . Compress, Spring Reverb, Wah and more—polish your project to sounu * m B Gd like a state-of-the-w S R vart studim Z } * + }o’s ultra-high resolution production.

Explore History. Shape The Future
Shape your sound to perfection usiV F ^ T Mng advanced DSP emulation in thex e y J & N new Echorec Drum Delay, Tube Multiband Compressor, Rotary Speaker. A hig! X = K 3 w n T Ah-end collection of alk R 5 x w 9 yl-new and revamped racks adds unparalleled depth and width to your D a Pr guitar and bass sounds. Each one is moz o b x * k Mdeled at the component level with meticulous attenI 3 btion to detail.

Official World-Class Celestion Cabs
We’ve partnered with Celestc _ n ; p U 2 ( 4ion, the most trusted name in guitar speakers. Celestion drivers have been used for killer guitar tones on more classic songs than any other brand. Their impulse responsef x @ n 4 ]s (IRs) are the favorites of guitarists ranging from Pete Thorn anp P B n & .d Scott He_ M / x m 9 H t =nderson to George Lynch. Forget loading individual filq & Z B 5 ;es—{ J U & Djust select a custom Celestion cab and start moving virtual mics around. BIAS FX 2 does the rest!

NEW ToneCloud

50,000+ Online Presets Open a Universe of Sounds to You
Forget endless hunting—and paying for—additional presets to expand your collectD ! u (ion of guit– u S Kar ton. ) \ j b nes. You gain direct access to over 50,000 presets for custom amps, pedals and pedalboards shared by the ever-expan9 5 b 9 *ding ToneCloud online community. There’s no need to o2 c [pen other software.

Greatly Improve% z L 5 x & y k %d Work4 E x s n tflow Speed-Dials Your Patch Recalls
When inspiration strikes, you won’t have to go on a hunting expedition to find the perfect patch. With tags and keywords attached to all pg ] f 6 = @ { 6 )resets in ToneCloud, it’s now mu\ @ y @ e x T t 6ch easier to quickly find and download th~ , c C W ! |e right preset to keep the creative juices flowing.

New Factory & Online Presets From The Best
New sounds inspire new riffs and songs. You’ll never have writer’s bN h { ;lock with^ + ~ g K N BIAS FX 2. Over 200 new factory pedalbh z 5 W 3 E loard presets created by world-renowned artists, stu! % s R t 7dio engineers and sess+ } ~ A F H K cion players get your mojo cranking.

NEW Recording and Performance

Tighten Up Song Transitions, LiN p k @ 3ve Performances and Studio Mixes
Whether you’re an aspiring guitarist or an experienced pro, BIAS FX 2 makes it easier than ever to cre] N Iate instant song transitions, mind-blowiE Q 4 0 Dng FX changes and ear-catching mixes—in the studio and onstage.

Introducing Scene – One Click Chang\ D E =es Your Pedalboard
Each preset in BIAS FX 2 has four “scW B z s O Wenario” settings you can create and save, so you can recall multiple distinct but closely related pedalboard scener C . }s. With one click, you can simultaneously turn overdrive and? N a k ( e delay on for your lead solo and turn off the chorus effect you used on the song’s verse—all while preserving the rest of the preset’s setN / : ctings. Or, instantly switch from one pedalboar~ * 8 ~d setup to another—each withJ # | 6 Z O I & completely different EQ, revc M p \ ? T merb and other settings—for differeh v \n( . d N 2 4 #t songl 8 4 O W V p { sections.

Redesigned Workflow for Easier, More Productive Recordi! { u m jn| W d ,g Sessions
Redesigne/ x W X qd user interface includes a new preset manager that makes it easy to o– B h L frganize and rapidly search, recall and pG @ 5review your favorite pedalboard setups. Take a custom snapshot of each of yo– ? qur custom pedalboard setups, then switch instantly among them on the fly to A/B which is best for your current song. Or use the snapshots to instanH b dtly re-amp when switching from a crunchy rhythm guitar part to a soaring lead solo and back again.

Use MIDs ` N , BI AutomaS M 3 X M Ition( 0 7 V n To Turbocharge An~ e ~d Streamline Complex Mixes
BIAS FX 2’s powerful MIDI features let you make startling, instantaneous mix changes and fluid, morphing transitions that captivate your fans, by automating parameter changes for each section oF C P z p n W ; 9f your song—while a% / N y 0 Q _ ; ulso shaving hours of work off your project. WB O Rith BIAS FX 2, you can assign MI. : + . l ( K { GDI commands to virtually every parameter available, including volume control, individualI 8 a ; $ b effects parametb m 5 z pers, guitar-emuu K * V V . w K jlation selection, Looper functions and more.

Create Unique Hybrid Amps and Sweeping Stereo Amp Setups
In BIAS FX 2, the amps you play through are limited only by your i~ { ImaginatioX & T rn.= : F 6 Ust / . $ r – 9 he Dual Amp setup to cherry-pick parts from two separate amps—their impulse respons0 t * =es, cabs, EQs,L + x d even the mics theg 2 )y use—and combine them to create a one-of-a-kind hybrid amp nobody else has. Or keep the amps as they were, route th. M K ) H 6 E 3em parallel to one another and hard pan them to crea% $ @ 8 L ] h \ –te a freightliner-wide stereo setup with totally different guitar tones in left and right channels.

NEW Smart Recorderu 7 c Y v/Looper

Preserves FleetiB q f J y k 6 png Ideas Before They’re Lost
Quickly record ideas for riffs, vamT N 5 8 O & ? | :ps and songs with a simple click when inspiration strikes, using BIAS FX 2’s built-in recorder. Then loop you} u Y z e E O ar recording while you play it back through BIAS FX 2’S Z b Ws foot pedals, amps and rack FX, fine-tuning the perfect custom preset to useb 2 : ^ f S ^ with your new sonR G b 0 & – H T Kg idea. You’ll never– ) R \ lose that perfectly played riff—simply export it as a WAV file to import into a new track inR \ @ – h @ your DAW. With BIAS FX 2, song ideas recorded in the log { e ^ 4oper can be used as the foundation for a new multitrack recording.

Changes in BIA/ : 2 t ] x W 4 ;S FX 2 Desktop

Bug Fixes
Fixed the issue that prevente* 2 Q E _ K } Jd certain ToneCloud and saved preset v f L Y G M –ts fV k . o m c grom being loaded
Fixed “Deleting a useR ~ 6 x [ H w Mr bank con^ N a V f Q _ \taining favorite presets will create redundant fu Y } [ V 5 * uavorite preseG O Yts”1 & W 5 : !
Fixed “BIAS FX 2 will crs * o { \ h Lash after deleti{ z ; ing a user bank containing favorio . z i x Y ute presets “

rev.2 – eXTended Factory Bank