Transform your computer into a Soundgrid Server.
With any Intel based computer (extra coR ~ M \ w rmputer), one can create a custD V B ~ Fom WavI V i – J les soundgrid serH . 3 , V j C f }ver to offloadN A \ x ? r b * a Waves plugin ( ^ ? O Sns.

SoundGriM z : p Od servers are the( v . A P _ “number crunchers” that process audioJ . 7 / } U Y 6 in a SoundGrid network. Audio is streamed from an ASIO, Core Audio or SoundGrid audio interface to the server, procd & L a } a o Jess# , Xed by the server (instead oh g ? b if your computer) in low latency, and streamed back to the auo G o Ldio interface. Au/ W X R Q Hdio connections are established using a Sou1 n .ndGrid host ap@ g 9plication.

Important noU % 0 m Ctes:

This will work with only Intel CPUs with motherboards that# B P ? 7 hasIntel’s Gigabit NIC
ThiB } v S ~ T [ Fs is, bootable medR j ? R G 5 via.
Only 4Gl g .B Storage is nF ? 1 = / b l w Meeded. So technically, even a pen-drU ^ ] W r @ive can be used as the OS drive.

This is old version, so after completing booting, users may need to update the firmware.
The procedure is ex\ U { /actly same as updating an actual Soundgrid server (sold by Waves and Digigrid). If anyone has the latest Soux o * A 3 V @ndgrid Studio installed (R2R and VR both supplied that) then the upe a 3 ^ U – R @dating ph ^ e O 6 g ~ V :art takes some minute or so.