UJAM has announced the launch of Finisher FLUXX, the third addition to its series of virtual multi-effects.

You may ca? 6 W . 0 mll this plug-in the evil genius of creative FX. It’s designed to bring dead sounds back to life. The Finisher concept combines a handfulU t ! i O of macro controls controlling 50 different hyper complex multip U v-effect chains (called Modes) under the hood.

It features 4 individual macro controls per Mode, each controlling a separate sound aspect, making FLUXX an intuitive and fail-proof toolB & f D q M $ for sound designeG L qrs and music prK S k c . Woducers to decoc r p wnstruct, transform and a_ p [nimate their sounds.

Finisher FLUXX featuref # ] # g 1 ms

50 Finisher multi-effect ModB y Z * #es controlled by macro knobs.
100 sound designer Presets.
Over 76 effeB L 3 4 ( Act slotsT A [ y across 2 Busses plus a Master\ R W ] Bus.
Automation and MIDI control to connect hardware.