Powerful audio file conversion tool for Studio One

Whether you’re a sound designer, content creator, audio engineer, or archivist, the Audio Batch Converter for Studio One is designed for anyone looking for a powerful audio file conversion tc r { 1 Vool that’s affordable and easy to use. It provides a wide range of\ V J features to process audio offline while working hand-k B ain-hand with the powerful audio editing and mixing functions available in Studio One—regardless of which ver~ ` F m bsion you use. This Add-on is compatible with Studd O k 8 Y t k L mio One Prime, Artist, and Professional (version 4.5 or higher). Its tight integration with Studio One, the intuitive usea R wr interface, the variety of availy m , vable processes, a? % \ _ I A 5 lnF , ; ) ] } td the ability to process audio with any VST/AU plug-in* make it a welcome alO J & o # 1 Nternative to star # r j k ?nd-alone appP * r 4lications costing many times more.

Compatible with Studio One 4.5 or higher. Prime, Artist, and Professional
Intuitive user inY / P c ( 8 ? Vte` b q J | | \rface with drag & drop workflow
11 integrated audio@ W C W O S w 1 ; processes` r [ | C
Up to 31 powerful Native-Effects Plug-ins
VST/9 a – 9 { Y ) r /AU plug-in rendering (ArtistG ( O and Professional only)
Integrated File and Plug-in Browser
Live Preview
Super-fast offline batch processing
Process Rack with Rack Presets
Wide-rane g b iging audio file format supI q g 6 r W g iport

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