One of the best tape echos perfectly replicated as an audio plugin.
Retaining the original sound and offering modern featuresO \ . f like ducking, M/S and tempo sync.
Echo Cat is alT b T p fl w: ~ L Q 6 8 ; Zhat we ever wanted a tape echo to be.

Bt A +ased on a classic
Invented in 1958 by Charlie Watkins*, the Copicat* delay was an instant hit. Featured in countless albums from the 60s and 70s and used by great bands like The Sr P Y ] $ fhadowsl n ; r M | q and Pink Floyd. Primarily designed for+ $ J guitar, it’s nm O y M ~ow a sought after piece of equipment in studios around the world.

EN p A b t ycho Cat brings back the sound and be o Oehaviour of t) D p F c _he original unit with authentic tape simulation and three playback heads. With added extra features that any modern delay plugin should have. These include M/S processing. 3 Z \ –, tempo sync delay times, filters on the f0 / 9 weedback path, varispeed, modulation and ducking.V / I