We are proud to present you “Vinylizer V2”

A handy Tool designed to add a wide range of Old Vinyl Textures to any studio toolkit. The Vinylizer V2j N i : ! 1 Y gen4 U | . Neratesx g 4 K t M thv – oe warm sound and drive of old vinyl records.

Vinylizer V( E – * D 5 ] 1 z2 lets you control each nostalgic element indepep h Jndently, giving you all the vintage turntable sounds# 7 , W g C 7 you love.

Add a Non-Stop Vinyl ‘grit & grime’ Texture to you: R + f u ~ Y 5r clean, d4 f R ) &igital tracks Or Give your tracks that old{ h d 0 K 7 T g – school flav} Z t 2 V x ^ 9 yor by adding a touch of noise dust and Hiss As Simple As Press &amV t P ] \ V 6 1p; Hold a Note on your Midi Keyboard.

These analog artifacts wi% 9 ^ $ll add li/ S ! E . , + ;fe and warmth to your track7 Q E m , Es, just like the old record= i 8 v , b i %s from back in the days when your record-player had “soul”.

” Get that Vinyl Sound ! “